Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Family Opera House

Family and old photos are one of those things
that fill us with that mix of joy and nostalgia, and dread
and for most of us they provide 
some reminders of incredible dodgy haircuts
and the evidence we need to be amateur blackmailers of our siblings..
the joy of knowing where the photo of your brother 
covered in a full face of make up 
after being ambushed by his two older and loving sisters
it is just so precious to me...

But I often wonder how the facebook generation is going to handle 
a never to be lost 
share with the world
cavalcade of bad fashion choices and bad haircuts

Because those of us lucky enough to be born
to the generation where photos were actually taken, and processed
by slightly odd people who seemed to have a thing for white coats
and put into books that can be hidden away 
get to cringe in private
we get to ruefully look back on our bad choices and shake our heads
but these poor stupid sods
they are stuck with those things forever...
no hiding them away when they are out in the cyber world
Which brings us
 back to that delightfully old fashioned concept 
of the family photo album
other people have all these family albums
filled with people and get togethers
my family growing up however
  filled albums with an alarming number of shots of the Sydney Opera House
I swear for every photo of a kid being cute
or doing something parents could be proud of
there are 10 shots of the Opera House and The Harbour Bridge
Every holiday seemed to involve a trip that somehow meant a pic of the opera house
it is still a running joke in our family...

So to pay homage to that 
and all the excitement 
and absolute wonder that accompanied
the advent of the polaroid camera in our house
I mean this thing made instant photos... it was amazing
ahhh the old days... we were so easily impressed weren't we...

Over at Inspiration Avenue this week 
the topic was Vintage Photography
and I am sad to say that polaroids qualify as vintage
but I think they do...

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Lynn Cohen said...

Something new so soon? I really like your style! ;-)

Valerie-Jael said...

Good work! Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm laughing hard at this post. You are lucky to have even SEEN the Sydney Opera House. What I would give to view this architectural and engineering marvel, along with the Harbor Bridge.

Of course, I totally agree that polaroids are vintage. I found a National Geographic Magazine from 1967 and the polaroid camera was advertised in it. What a hoot! I understand they now have "an app for that."

Lori said...

Oh, memories from my childhood they returned with a flash with your post. I used to love my parents polaroid camera (and I used to get into so much trouble for using all the film). LOL I loved your post today, thanks for the memories.

DVArtist said...

Typing with one hand today. The good memeories of youth.

Rita said...

Oh yes! Polaroid's were smelly and miraculous. Instamatics and flash cubes...remember digging into the photos with your fingers crossed as soon as you got in the car to see what you ended up with.

This is so funny because I just posted an old picture of me and my first love in 1967 on my blog today--LOL! It wasn't a polaroid, but it's definitely old--ROFL!

But I have to confess that I am in love-love-love with the new digital cameras!! I wish I had these when my son was little for pictures and videos. They're awesome!!

Lou Anne Hazel said...

Your image of a Polaroid camera is absolutely vintage, though I regret that it's a type of technology that has essentially disappeared. I can view your picture and hear the sounds of the film coming out, and remember how I anticipated seeing the final image. Your choice of media and vivid colors just tapped right into that for me.

Jennifer McLean said...

I always do LOVE your work, I've had so many wonderful comments about your beautiful art.

Stopped by to tell you that the Artist's Play Room is now LIVE, since you'd been kind and signed up to participate!

Jenn of

Ginny said...

I loved your sketches and your story today. I too remember the polaroid camera. It was such a wonderful invention or so we thought back then. I really loved having my own Brownie camera. I can still remember how special I felt when I took pictures. Thank you for reminding me of some special times.

Unknown said...

oh I loved these cameras when we were kids!!! the instant photos were always so much fun to watch as they came to life....your piece is amazing Tracey!!!! you have to sell prints of these!!!!!

Unknown said...

Great post! I love reminiscing and looking through my mums collection of dodgy holiday snaps, and even though that hideous hair cut I had when I was 12 is embarrassing, and there are hundred of photos that are either blurry or black from under exposure, I can spend ages looking through them!

Fabulous image! x

artangel said...

Fab artwork and the perfect submission for this week's IA theme! I clearly remember my dad buying our first Polaroid camera - and the thrill of watching the pictures develop as if by magic!

Maggie said...

Ah yes, the old Polaroid cameras! We never actually had one, but my cousin's family did so all of the Polaroid pictures I have are of my cousins and me and my brother. I was enthralled by watching the image develop before our eyes. Now they all look very "vintage".

Ha, you made me laugh about all the photos of the Sydney Opera House! We have some like that (But not of the Opera House lol). (I'd love to be able to take just one picture in person of the Sydney Opera House!)