Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Creative Every Day Guilts

Monday Play with twinks
I have been part of Creative Every Day all year
and I only just read the guidelines...
which is rather like me I must admit
and even though one of the thing I love about CED
is that it is so relaxed
and there are no musts and shoulds,
I have been feeling uncharacteristic pangs of guilt
that I haven't once done a weekly round up

Tuesday Tea cup and sketches
Now the uncharacteristic feelings of guilt 
may be a result of being hopped to the eyeballs
on sinus medication
in an attempt to stave off the dreaded end of summer cold
which is not working it would seem,
or it could be because
I find myself in the unfamiliar territory of being back on the internet
thanks to my new router modem...
so exciting to put the dongle out to rest for a time
and to get the chance to  visit and catch up 
on my favourite bloggerverse peeps...
so to the round up...

Monday I played with my Twinkling H2O's...
huge fun and am hanging out to have the humidity to drop 
so they can add their full twinkly effect
 to the set of canvases I have drawn up
Tuesday was painting of teacup and 
drawing up some Arizona Iced Tea bottles...

Wednesday was making things up 
from my drawings and paintings
ready for The Collective Store
Early Thursday was my first page started for the zine
that I want to create
and then had wonderful art talk and tea with my good friend Tracey

Friday I got the bottles painted...
not for the zine
which I haven't gotten back to
but because I really really wanted to paint those beautiful bottles
Saturday I did sweet nothing
and then Sunday got in and drew some cutlery

Since then I have been laid up 
and revelling in the glorious sudafed buzz
and napping
Though I am starting to get a bit edgy with out some drawing 
so figuring the sketchbooks and pencils may get a work out 
later today....


Jaz Higgins said...

A very creative week! Looking forward to your zine. Hope your sinuses give you some relief soon!

Jennifer McLean said...

I just LOVE seeing your studio, with work done or half done, all the tools and supplies, it's a feast for the artist's eyes!
You've been really busy Tracey, well done!
Jenn of

Anonymous said...

you make me smile you do,, sorry the sinus are still acting up.Have you tried a neti pot from the health food store, or steaming, I have found oregano oil, just a couple of drops under the tongue really helped me with sinus trouble that and the sea salt, baking soda, glycerine sinus wash inthe neti pot.
your work in just beautiful,

Rita said...

My goodness! You got a lot done! The Twinkling H2Os are a lot of fun. I have only used them on cards to color stamps, but I love them.
I adore those bottles. They are just gorgeous. Hope you are all better soon! :)

Denise Livingston said...

Your blog is always refreshing to visit, thank you. :0)

Heather Foust said...

Your sketches are awesome!!! I really like the utensils!!! You are so talented!

Unknown said...

Firstly, I hope your sinuses clear and you are back to normal very soon.

I have not read the rules either, I joined in for the first time this week on Monday, after your recommendation, and I did a day update, not a weekly. Thanks for pointing that out.

You have been very productive Tracey, you are an inspiration.

Catch up soon. xx

Terrie said...

Sounds like a fun/busy week, but not crazily so. I'd forgotten about zines - you mentioned them a while ago and I was going to explore what they are.....I'm off to do it now, while I'm thinking of it. Hope you don't get too sick.

sandra de said...

OMG Tracey you are so busy .... maybe that is why you never got around to a weekly round up. Hope the sinus clears and your new modem behaves.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been doing weekly round-ups, either. Yours looks great! Hope you're feeling better and having a wonderful non-sinusy day :)

Gourdess said...

I hope you feel better! I've decided to combine WOYWW with CED because gosh durn it, I couldn't keep up with it all. ;) Two birds, one stone as they say.

Nigel said...

I've been getting CED guilt too, mostly because I haven't done the rounds to see what wonderful work people are doing.

Wonderful works of art, combined with witty writing - no wonder I keep coming back here :)


Serena Lewis said...

Your art is amazing! Love your style, girl...with words AND art.

I hope you sinuses are all clear now.

I'm in a similar boat with CED...I keep forgetting the weekly check-in.

Btw, I LOVE those bottles, bowls, lanterns you have on display! Is that wooden item at front right a jotter notebook? I have one that's wooden too but a different look.

Unknown said...

I think the meds have you zinging... :) hope you feel better

Unknown said...

ahhh - summer! our colds are winter colds right now - the same thing I guess - can I trade my winter cold for your summer cold? (lol)

Great Job staying creative through it all I must say ... I would probably have posted a photo of my kleenex box and call it a day (call it a week!)

Daniele Valois said...

EEEK, I am so loving everything. I wanted to thank you for your awesome gesso story in my comments. That was the best gesso story ever!

Unknown said...

I love seeing your week's work compiled into one post- you've been one busy little bee! Sorry you're suffering from an "end of Summer" cold....I seem to be getting a "beginning of Spring" cold myself! Great minds and all that....
Feel better!

~*~Patty S said...

I so admire your are very talented !