Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Squeaking Giraffes and Lady Grey

Had grand plans of doing some great work this morning
despite the start...
Mushu had left me a toy giraffe to stand on as I got out of bed
have to say you wake up pretty quick when your foot hits
something soft and furry at 5am...
not to mention the heart starter that is the squeak
as you stand on it
quite an effective wake up it turns out

I would love to say I was awake enough
to go mad on him
but he left it as a gift I am sure
so just stumbled into the start of the day instead
and don't seem to have caught up since
already deep into Lady Grey territory 
and starting to check my nails to see if they are turning blue like the label
that would be kind of cool...

did I tell you that my toe nails reacted 
with the chemicals in the pool when we were on hols
and turned the brightest blue
like flouro blue
didn't last
but kind of cool at the time
and not so cool to think it was probably because of  some fungus
but hey blue nails!!!!

So I am painting a little tribute to my sanity saver
and fall back tea
when all else in the world is like a giraffe squeaking at 5am
it is there to make it all seem okay
even if it doesn't turn my nails blue....xx

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Jaz said...

Morning Trace! I love your tea sketches & paintings - I never get tired of looking at them. More tea the better I say! :)

Fallingladies said...

I wish i could be as loose and free with my work as you, i love this! Still monday evening here and cold so i am always surprised by your time and weather talk!

Karen Smithey said...

Love the painting and the story! "When all else in the world is like a giraffe squeaking at 5 a.m..."

I'm a tea lover, too, although my fall-back favorite is Constant Comment (long story).

Joanne Osband said...

I have great visual images of you waking up this morning.....made me chuckle! I like the composition of your sketch. The tea cup takes on a very proud attitude and splash of color is fabulous!

Lorinda.C.F said...

Now I would love to see some bright blue toe nails! I'm such a fan of any "grey" tea....mmmmm.

Gwen said...

Blue toenails, wow...did you take a photograph?
I must try Lady Grey ; I am very familiar with her husband!

Jennibellie said...

haha anyone else might be alarmed by blue nails, you revel it's great lol I'm seeing Lady Grey everywhere today, it's really making me wish I liked tea, because while you're all getting chilled out by your sanity saver, mine (super strong coffee) kinda only increases my frantics!

Joanne said...

love your posts and tea also -- :0)

*jean* said...

living with a dog and a cat i'm always on the 'feel' for abnormal floor things...happy t day! love your cuppa drawing!

gina said...

Very lovely tribute to your "fall back" tea. Love the drawings!

Unknown said...

love this super gorgeous tea piece!!!!

Rita said...

Love your tea sketches!
A squeak toy is better to step on in the dark than the dead mice one cat used to leave me as gifts on the floor next to my side of the bed. ;)

sandra de said...

Toys and tea ... a great way to start the day. Your outlook on life always brings a smile to my "martin place".

Unknown said...

thank goodness for the little sanity savers! and your Lady Grey is a kind companion I am sure :) ... I wonder if your toes turned blue due to a chlorine overload? I love wearing a bright green toenail polish in the summer - but only after my feet have a bit of a tan :)

happy tuesday - and thank you for joining us with your pretty cuppa :)

Halle said...

That would definitely get your heart started! Lovely painting!