Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Scribbling Twinks

So I am sitting in a stinking hot
ridiculously humid studio
waiting waiting waiting
for the storm to hurry up already and cool things off

You know those days when it is just so hot and damp 
that you end up in a major grump
and the whole day goes into a holding pattern as the storm builds 
and builds
and the sky gets
darker and darker
and the air gets heavier and heavier

and the paper takes forever to dry
and your new Twinkling H2O's can't be bothered twinkling
because even they are too hot to be assed
it couldn't be that this was my first go with them 
and that I couldn't be patient enough 
to wait for the mica stuff to activate of whatever
and that I rushed to get it done so I could get it up before the 
daughter comes in from school and needs feeding and watering
whatever the reason
 they have a very minimal shimmer
I still want to blame the heat
whatever the reason 
I need a lot more time to get them working in any sort of
appropriately twinkly way

They may also have been rushed
 because I spent way too much time on Scribbler Too
 for the link
which has led to me blacking out in front of the screen
or something similar
because before I knew it
I had lost about three hours

You should head over to the site and have a play with this free program
because it is serious fun
even if you are about as coordinated with a mouse as I am
it is still fun
and I am figuring the chances of housework happening this week
are pretty minimal until I have driven myself nuts with it...
I actually believe that Lisa should visit
and do my catch up housework
seeing as she will be responsible for
me being a more neglectful wife and parent than usual...
and maybe she will bring some cool weather with her...


Molly said...

Dontcha just love these things that completely suck you in?!?!? :-)

Jaz Higgins said...

Oh COME ON storm! I've been anticipating it all day. My laundry basket is overflowing but I used the excuse that it was going to storm. Oh well. I'll just sit here and sweat it out I guess...

linda said...

oh wow, amazing drawings wit the scribbler, the program really makes it go faster... lol!

i would love to have a little heat over here in my neck of the woods. I prefer hot over cold, crazy, eh?

love your teacups btw... i've had a little illustration brewing in my head all about coffee and tea... teacups... hehe

Rita said...

I can't tell if the cup is shimmery, but the color is gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

The scribbler thing looks addictive. I had best steer clear. ;)

Tat @ Mum in search said...

I think Lisa will get a whole lot more readers if she offered to do the housework for them. I wouldn't miss a word she writes! Now that you re-posted the link, will you come and do my housework?

Gwen said...

The prettiest tea cup ever. You are much more adept at the scbribble thing than I am...:))))
We could do with a brooding storm here, we are so dry they think we may be in drought soon...scary!

Heather said...

LOVE LOVE the colors on the tea cup!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am a big fan of H20s. They are awesome, as is your lovely tea cup. Glad you could join us on Tea Tuesday. It's fun to see you here.

BTW, I tried that Scribbler when I read about it on Michelle Atherton's blog. I couldn't make it work any better than I can draw (which is NOTHING). It looked like a bunch of scribbles, unlike what you made!

I forgot to say, you could always come visit me. It's cold in my part of the world.

Vicki Holdwick said...


I love your tea cups as always -

but oh, how could you send me over to that Scribbler Too site. My house is already so neglected because of my desire to play in my art room. What a fun place and I love how it adds the shadows as a result of overlapping lines.

Sure hope that storm hits soon and cools you off.


*jean* said...

ha! i got sucked into the scrbbler last week! so glad you could join us for tea today, stop over if you have time...your twinks cup is gorgeous!!! jean

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

We don't have a storm brewing but I am in a major grump because of a little accident I had today. Your teacup may not twinkle but it sure is pretty! I betcha my 13 year old would like Scribbler Too. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

Unknown said...

It's hard to imagine a hot and humid day! It is quite wintry here and I'm sure your twinkling H2O's would twinkle :) ... but even minus the twinkling effect, your teacup is lovely!!! Thanks for stopping by for tea today - you may want to put yours in a tall glass with ice!

Terrie said...

It's a gorgeous cup, twinkly or not. I'm not a fan of hot and humid. Hot, yes - lived in Vegas for 5 years and just loved that dry heat. But sitting and sweating in humidity, waiting for things to dry - not so much.
Here in Seattle we wait around for things to dry too, but that's because it's always so darn damp and drizzly.

Haven't visited in a few days so wanted to mention that your peg story is certainly an odd family tradition though the drawings are cute. Funny what families dream up, isn't it? Thanks for sharing the peek into your life.

Unknown said...

Oh the build up...I remember that when I lived for awhile in Darwin...it's so bloomin cold here that I wish I was suffering the hot humid heat...sorry your twinkle isn't twinklin. I think a few of us can blame Lisa for introducing us to Scribble.. :)

Currie Silver said...

that's an awesome link!!! thanks. I'm NOT dealing with YOUR weather outlook, but I know what you mean. what a great way to "chill" when mostly what I feel like DOing is breaking glass!!!
Hope the storms have come and done their magic!!

Kelly said...

I love your sweet teacups! The scribbler designs look really fun. I just may have to go check it out! Being from Florida, I feel your pain with the heat and humidity.

Unknown said...

Well the storm did not eventuate for us bayside folk. It did hit my home town on the sunny coast pretty bad, roofs taken off and trees town down, so I guess we were lucky. The heat makes me a grump, I could not imagine painting on a hot summer day without aircon, now that we have it. If it ever gets too Hot, you are always welcome to pop over with your paints and paper and work on the spare desk in the studio.

Your teacup looks awesome, the colours are intense and beautiful.

Scribbly program looks tempting, but Im going to have to stay away, there is already a back log of things to do, and I fear if I get started I won't stop!


Belinda Basson said...

I can so relate to the heat, only we don't have the storm build up... just horrid humidity. It seems to get worse each year. We are not meant to be tropical here in Cape Town!

JoZart Designs said...

I really DO love your art Tracey and every stray sketch line is intrinsic to the overall image quality. Your use of colour inspires me.
Those palm tree sketches remind me of skeleton leaves.
Re my lost/found notebook...Take note.... I too had mine stuffed with paper scraps and cards etc., but, amazingly, I spent an evening pasting them into blank pages before I left for Germany. I also made a broad elastic band around the book to keep contents intact and I am so pleased I did or I might have lost so much.
Hope it helps keep your treasures safe.
Jo x

Carolyn Dube said...

May the heat stop so that it doesn't bother your twinkling!!!!! Scribbler is a time machine that only goes one way for me. I just play around with it and then I am hours into the future.

VonnyK said...

You got the cooler weather, just a shame it's in the form of rain!
I visited the drawing site and yes I wasted a heap of time, thanks for that Trace!!
Your cup is gorgeous. How are you using the mica powder, I use it for polymer clay and I have to bake it on or it comes off all over the place. You have me intrigued.

Fallingladies said...

I ve seen at least three blogs where people are addicted to that site, i've been avoiding it myself so far but keep saying i'll try it soon, love the non twinkling tea cup!

sandra de said...

That teacup is beautiful and even your scribbles look creative. I am just staring at pinterest and then realise a whole morning disappeared. Had to cook one of the recipes to prove that I don't waste time on the internet! Who am I kidding!!

pauline said...

hey Tracey! Those are great SCRIBBLER illustrations!! (yeah, i spent some time on there too! Highly addictive)
Your teacups are always so much fun... so vibrant. That humidity sounds like hell to me. It's actually snowing here as i write this and although i look forward to spring/summer, i'm glad we don't have much humidity to deal with during the summer season.
Take care and keep posting! You crack me up, even when you're not trying to. :-) xoxo

Unknown said...

THAT is amazing! Wow, thanks Lisa! If it wasn't for you Tracey wouldn't have shared that very neat link!
You are so funny Tracey, I love this post:) And before I forget your teacup is wonderful! Be cool, lady.

Priya said...

Your drawings are so colorful perfect for the summer out there in Australia, i believe.... its just opposite in this end of the world!