Sunday, 19 February 2012

Peg Issues

Time to come clean that I have issues
and I know many of you are not surprised by that statement
and I know we all have them
 some of us more than others
but for me I have had one huge issue
that for years
and in different ways has done my head in
I have an issue with pegs...
ordinary clothes pegs have caused me more grief than you can imagine...

It started early with the bizarre family practice
of getting pegged
now I am not sure how this started
but it involves having someone hang a peg 
off the back of your clothes without you knowing
and everyone else laughing at the pegged one
 this was seriously  traumatic as a child
and to this day my dad persists in pegging people 
so we spend half of Christmas lunch 
and every visit
madly checking shirts, skirts and hems

and inevitably I am pegged
every single family function for the last 40 years I have been pegged
I always start off vigilant
but inevitably drop my guard 
and from there I am easy pickings
I have actually headed out to the car to head home
and have had mum stop me because I have half the clothes line
hanging off my clothes
pick on the air head

None of this is helped 
by the fact that they often use different coloured pegs
you see if they used the same colour pegs I could handle it
well, maybe not handle it 
but at least not feel like I am having a complete breakdown
but the thought of different colours next to each other is beyond me
for me if you use pegs you use the same colour pegs 
on the same piece of clothing
none of this one blue peg  and one green on a shirt
and don't even get me started on mixing colours across the different lines

We all have our things that we need to be in order 
and I have a high tolerance for all sorts of things
and in no way could I ever
in any universe
be described as a neat freak
but messing with pegs
is tantamount to war

so after many years of needing to go out and straighten the pegs on the line
and check that they aren't cross coloured if someone else has 
by some miracle pegged out clothes
I have gone out and bought a line full of green pegs
no more colour issues now
every one of those suckers is the same colours
and problem solved

Now I know I could have thought of this years ago
and I am a touch embarrassed that I haven't thought of it
but they say you get older and wiser
and maybe that is finally kicking in
and to celebrate finally exhibiting wisdom
I have confronted  and celebrated the issue with a drawing
of pegs
not just one drawing
but one drawing and two with colour added to copies
so it is like peg - o - rama on the desk here
Mind you the one with the coloured pegs is safely
tucked underneath the other two....

Linking up with Sophia at Sunday Sketches...
which is celebrating its second birthday...
which is a very cool achievement


Lorinda.C.F said...

LOL. Love your pegs but LOVE your story! Thanks for sharing Tracey :-)

Victoria said...

Your have a magical touch in all your do..gorgeous peg creations..
and you always make me smile!
Beautiful colors....

Tammie Lee said...

thank you for the chuckle over getting pegged. I have never heard of this. I must say your sketches are awesome!

Heather said...

ha ha ha
a fun story!
your sketches are just so right on! love seeing them all....i like the minty color you used in the last photo, too!

lazy_turtle said...

love your story and very nice sketch.

Christine said...

Nice work on the pegs, I love still life.

Unknown said...

You do not want to see my peg basket Tracey :)

I like the idea of all green pegs hanging on the line, especially if they are like the green pegs in your drawing.

What shenanigans your family gets up to at get togethers, I had not idea. Not a fun family ritual, getting pegged, how annoying.

Lovely drawing, your observational skills are superb. Xx

Unknown said...

Lol, completely the peg story. We pegged my Dad one year while he was sleeping in the garden..we even pegged his beard...We have not pegged since... love your drawings... :)

Unknown said...

I love how you can make simple things look awesome!!

WrightStuff said...

You are so funny! I love this idea of pegging people... Hmmm.... I think I'll get my fella with that later! Most of my pegs are plain wood - I think you would like those. I could hide the few coloured plastic ones I have (or just peg them to people!)

Angenita said...

I only use wooden pegs because I cannot stand the different color mixing up thing. So I understand! And I know lots of people having the same issue, you're not alone in this.

Love how you wrote your storey and your drawings.

Thanks for visiting me and yes! jump back into lifebook, it's so much fun!

Gwen said...

I didn't realise that pegs could feature so much in a person's life. I found your being 'pegged' really amusing. I also have given no thought to the value or not of coloured ones. I think my favourite ones are plain wood and I love how they 'silver' with age.
Lovely sketches BTW...ever clever with a pencil; you are!

Silke Powers said...

I'm so glad you found me, Tracey. I just LOVE your blog - your art and your writing. I'll be back often!! Hugs, Silke

m7 said...

haha never heard of such a family tradition before :D
your drawings are amazing though!

Morph Waffle said...

Ha, I thought my family was the only one that did odd things, great story, sorry it traumatized you though!I'm glad you solved part of the problem! Love your illustrations of the pegs!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Wonderful clothespins!! WHat a story toooooo!

Sabina said...

Well you know as far as practical jokes go that one is not too bad. Could be worse--like tying people's shoelaces together while they're napping on the couch...

But great job illustrating the clothespins. :-)

Diane ~ said...

lol :D Love your terrific story! & your father sure is some character!! thanks for sharing & great art work!!!

Debbie said...

such family fun and great sketches to go with the memories!

Alexandra MacVean said...

OH dear, I've never heard of such a thing. lol Good thing I don't have a clothes line here! ;)

Great art as always. Enjoy your clean yet sketchy style.

EVA said...

LOL! Fabulous sketches of pegs!! I'm happy to hear you now have the colour you want! (I think you should go home with all the pegs that you are pegged with - maybe they will eventually run out!)

Molly said...

i never heard of getting pegged but it sounds like a fun family game.

i completely understand about mixing up the colors! glad you've managed to solve that problem! :-)

Serena Lewis said...

Ah yes, I've been pegged a time or two myself although this family tends to like attaching sticky shopping labels to one's back without one realising. I didn't know you could buy the pegs in one colour. Might do that myself, not that I really mind a mix up. Shock...horror! lol

Great peg sketch!!

Alicia C said...

Hilarious post - and wonderful pegs! They sure are lovely for having caused so much strain! Pegs can be evil, though - i never will forget a certain Japanese variety show where one of the contests was how many pegs different participants could affix to their faces --- it was frightening and bizarre.... the things you see when you venture abroad...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well, I came over from CED and started laughing as soon as I got here. This is so, so funny! Don't get me going about colored pegs. I use wooden ones. They are all the same color, some a bit more worn than others. BUT, I use colored hangers, and I have to have the exact color hanger for the top or bottom (skirt, pants, etc) I hang on it. Yep, I am anal in that respect. But, I still love your post. BTW, I've never been pegged and had NO idea what you were talking about in the beginning.

Nordljus said...

Your story just made me laugh (although of course not at you ;) ). I'd probably end of standing with my back to a wall all evening, if there was some pegging going on. But I'm glad you solved the colour issue :). Love the drawing of your pegs!

Rita said...

Leah (my DIL) and I each have our own OCD fetishes. This sounds like something that could easily drive Leah bonkers. Of course, she would have been incapable of buying multicolored clothespins in the first place--LOL! We don't use clotheslines much up here at all. Thank goodness. Half the year the clothes would freeze! LOL! ;)

Unknown said...

VERY, very fun! How is it that you can make even clothesline pegs look so interesting? One of these days, I'll remember Sunday Sketches and maybe even drag my lazy bum there in time...
For now, Have a Happy Monday!

Nigel said...

Another brilliant and hilarious post, but I have to say "a peg is a peg is a peg". I've never understood how anybody can get so worked up over something so trivial. Now, if you'll excuse me, two of my CD's are in the wrong order :D


carol l mckenna said...

Lovely sketches ~ and great 'family' story ~ you have a fun family (I know probably drives your crazy) ~ but could be worse) ~namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/CED

Carolyn Dube said...

Nobody can drive you to therapy better than family! Love your sketches-especially the one with the rainbow of colors but that isn't surprising that I love the one with the colors...

G.Dowell said...

Love your peg drawings and the story behind them. Great post. Here from Creative Every Day Challenge.

pauline said...

YOU, my dear, just crack me up.
Thanks for the belly laughs & the wonderful illustration of your pegs!! xoxo

Fallingladies said...

Oh my gosh, great story, love the peg drawings too, how are you with colored clothes hangers?

Bev said...

fabulous sketches u are so good at detail, well have to say my pegs are a colour palette lol it used to drive my MIL insane lol

hugz bev