Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lord of the Allen Key

With just the aid of an Allen Key
Sinus Man has transformed my life
okay he also used a screwdriver, a hammer and and electric drill
and about three cups of tea
two beers
minimal swearing and mumbling
chased down with anti infammatories to ease the after effects

but you get the idea
and sounds better if you just say an allen key...

I think it is important that you fully appreciate the level
and magnitude of the transformation
so it is necessary to share a bit of how this came to pass...
Sinus and I headed off to IKEA early Monday morning
we sailed down the motorway in record time
and continued past Ikea at record speed as the exit was duly missed
so we manage to turn around which is no mean feat
as it appears that all signage has been removed from that part of the world
and undeterred we
head back to find the exit we used to use
is now closed
sail past Ikea again
albeit a bit slower this time...
third time is a charm
and it finally rises like a mythical palace before us...
on arriving though, we were informed, the mythical palace appeared to be
having technical difficulties 
and would be opening a bit later
than usual
not an auspicious start I admit
but Sinus took it in his stride
and once those doors were open 
he was hunting and gathering with the best of them

Only one minor argument later
and not only have we found the perfect storage solutions
miracle of all miracle
when we get around to the stacks
all items are in stock
it was a rare and special day indeed folks

So while the husband figure got to work in the lounge room
I dismantled the mess that was my studio
and bit by miraculous bit
a beautiful thing emerged

a scary and daunting amount of order 
and organisation emerged
like some mythical creature whose name
I have only dared whisper in the past
not just on one side of this tiny little space

 this was a full room miracle...

in short 
by the end of a very long afternoon
and evening
Sinus Man had triumphed and
a freaking miracle had occurred

 I no longer inhabit a tiny room
filled with precarious stacks and things
that trip you up at inopportune times
and made fetching supplies
something akin to a life and death Jenga Challenge

now I live in Martha Stewart type territory
minus the insider trading 
and knitting, and sewing, and the colours are all wrong
but you get my drift
I am just giddy with the sense of wonder and am considering moving
in to preserve the illusion that the rest of the house is in a similar state...
Sadly the rest currently bears more in common with the before shots
but lets not be negative at a time like this...

So thank you Sinus Man
and I hereby publicly declare you 
Lord of the Allen Key
from this day forward
to be held in awe and admiration
 by all who shall come across you


Lorinda.C.F said...

It looks amazing! So many drawers, so many shelves... I sigh with pleasure at the sight of them. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Wowzah! This. Is. Lovely.

I so want that towering dresser of drawers!

Rita said...

OMG!! That is awesome! Look at all those drawers and cubbies!! My OCD self is dancing the happy dance! :):) Thanks to your dear hubby!!

I am by no means mechanical, but I think that we call those an Allen Wrench over here in the upper midwest (US). Allen Key sounds cooler, to me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Congratulations on your new order. Wishing you creativity to mess it all up every day!
Stay inspired!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! The beginning my studio awaits the removal/replacement of our hot water heater (which is conveniently dying ;)) and I see so many pretties in your space that I will definitely be stealing LOTS of ideas!
Happy Valentine's Day my sweet sista,

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

All that light and straight lines! Bliss. Enjoy your new space.
I´m very much into clear glass right now, so I´m putting my pencils into cool empty jam jars. Yes, I´m much into jams too. ;)

Terrie said...

Lucky you! We've bought many a thing from Ikea and I know my hubby would definitely empathize with the trouble and effort Sinus Man went through to help you have that gorgeous new space! Now you're the envy of art land. Enjoy the joy of organization!

*jean* said...

o my goodness! what a man!! and you are one lucky gal, i'd say...a beautiful, organized studio space is what everyone dreams of, right? i found your beautiful blog through PPF and hope you'll pop round for tea on tuesdays, hosted by kimmie at art in red wagons....it's a nice place for a cuppa...

nice to meet you!


pauline said...

Omigod, this was funny... poor Sinus Man - does he know you write about him? LOL!!
And your new space - HELLO. it's absolutely gorgeous!! Yes, Martha Stewart would be proud. Good for you Tracey!! Enjoy it & have fun creating!! Oh, and the Lord of the Allen Key had me rolling on the fucking floor...hehehehee. xoxo

Gwen said...

Hooray for Allen keys.
Your furniture is so crisp and clean and bright...wow :)
Your workroom looks fantastic. Will you stay organised and tidy?
I expect you will...for a while at least. Have fun in your new space!

Molly said...

wow-- that looks amazing. i love the storage with the narrow drawers... they would be perfect for paper storage! It looks like you have some that are vertical and some more horizontal. (the 6th and 7th pics) Did you get them at ikea? what were they called?

i'm so envious... i need to get more organized. i keep telling myself that a messy workspace is the sign of a creative mind but i KNOW i would be so much more creative if i could just find things!! :-) your newly-designed workspace is inspiring!

Vicki Holdwick said...

Oh, Trace, can I borrow Sinus Man for a day or two?

I absolutely love how this turned out,


manomij said...

Lol send him round here as I have that same furniture in my studio waiting to be put together! Great to see it all together now hoping my studio will be the same soon!

okienurse said...

love your new room trace! congrats on it getting done so quickly. Mr Sinus deserves a giant pat on the back! Vickie

Lori said...

Tracey - congrats on the studio makeover, bravo. It looks great and secretly I'm a little jealous of the space you have.

Sometimes I think our men are related, you call him Sinus Man I secretly (not on my blog) call him Mucus Man. giggle

Hazel said...

Love the organisation x

ArtSings1946 said...

This is fabulous ... we are constantly working on getting organized, my daughter and I. It's hard when you don't have much room and especially with two artists in the house who are involved with all different kinds of art.

Happiness to all.

Anonymous said...

Lovely indeed, an inspiration it is. I'm looking at my space differently now. Hmm.... does IKEA have a catalog? I'll have to check it out.

linda said...

wow wow wow... so inspiring! love how organized you are... my space is like a pig pen! i need one of those full room miracles, too :)

Anna said...

Okay, I mentioned that I was now a "new follower" and how I love your humor and that you love lady grey tea.... but Lord of the Allen Key. This is talent! I am pulling my IKEA catalogue out RIGHT.NOW!!! And will start planning how I can get the creative little corner of my home wrangled and under control! I love the drawers that look like a nice flat place to hold completed drawings and such. it would be so much prettier than my Watercolor paper box leaning in the corner. Art studio envy for sure! (I am also going to try and hunt up the little jars of paints. Ive never seen such a thing)