Friday, 10 February 2012

In Memory of Murray

I have a sad sad tale to tell
after 6 and a half long
and sometimes bumpy years
Murray Motorola Modem
finally passed away
with a sputter and a puff of smoke last Thursday

Now Murray and I have had a somewhat chequered history
as he has been 
without a doubt
the most temperamental modem
in the history of modems
our relationship has ranged from me cooing gently in his portals
which does sound slightly dirty when I see it written down...
all the way through to all out warfare
most often
our relationship was rather stormy and consisted largely
of me casting aspersions onto poor Murray
and all who knew him
most notably his mother I am ashamed to say...
Still I was sad to see him go because it meant no internet...
of course the modem we needed is not in stock
anywhere in the southern hemisphere it would seem
and I am another week away from having regular access

So I would like to introduce you to Douglas Dongle
I am hoping that Douglas is a little kinder and while
deep down
I think he knows he is just my rebound guy
sometimes they are the most fun
of course he is a bit of a slag really
as he needs to be shared amongst other household computers
and has seemed to be quite happy to do so
even Sinus Man's so it would appear that Douglas is not too fussy at all...
and so there is a good chance
I will again be reduced to squinting at my phone 
and cursing failing eyesight and fingers that seem 
about as coordinated as sausages
so if I don't get to visit you I apologise
if I don't answer your emails and comments
blame Douglas...
and please know that I have missed you all greatly and have felt cut off
and positively bereft of people who understand me
it is a cold hard world when you are cut off from blogland...

Now you would think that in the last week
and a bit
I would have done huge amount of work
after all I was without the distractions of the internet
but I actually found I did very little
I completed a set of ATC's for the lovely Sandra
who organised a swap with me and sent me the most gorgeous
amazing book of tea themed atc's... 
Sandra at
and while mine isn't as cool as hers
I am hoping she likes them
I had tremendous fun making them 
and loved the opportunity to fix my teapot painting
that is from a journal page and has bothered me 
ever since I did it
and turns out I should have just painted it small
all problems should be so easily fixed

I also started this watercolour
not very far along
but is already driving me gloriously mad
and as I need to have it finished by next Wednesday
I am thinking that I shall undoubtedly
be both a neglectful wife
and rather distant parent while trying to finish it
not that I think they will be worried 
as I have been rather overbearing without the distraction of the internet
and I think they are both on the verge of mutiny
so returning to my normal dynamic of benign neglect should come as a relief

So I am linking up with Paint Party Friday 
and hope that Douglas will find his way back to me so that I can do some visiting
or at the very least that a cable modem will arrive
and all will be right with the world
maybe if I give this one a female name it will be more reliable...
maybe Magda
or Mila
or Maggie...


VonnyK said...

Still laughing. Poor Douglas, the rebound guy. I have to admit, I was getting worried about you. No emails, no blogs, even asked Leonie if she had heard from you. Was close to phoning when I saw your blog. Glad all is well and I hope you soon have a permanent relationship with another modem.
My girlfriend arrives from England tonight, so no art for a while, but lots of cake!
Love, love, love that new watercolour, can't wait to see it finished.
Have a great day.
Von :)

Carolyn Dube said...

Rest in peace, Murray. My condolences and heartfelt prayers are with your family during this trying time of internet loss.

Daniele Valois said...

oh my gosh you're so cute!!! Poor rebound boy!

Christine said...

rip Murray, lol.

Maria Ontiveros said...

LOL! I love your blog header.

Debbie said...

'Love your ATC's and the floral is looking beautiful. RiP Murray.

Elisa Choi said...

great set of drawings and paintings. I hope you get better soon. A funny tale of may murray rest in peace! ;p

WrightStuff said...

Well, your loss was our gain as this was a truly delightful post! Don't we just feel like the world is falling apart when we lose our internet connection?!!

Your drawing of Murray will be a lasting legacy - a family heirloom.

Kokopelli said...

*lol* Poor modem! RIP.
When I see you banner on top I always want to go, pour myself a cup of tea and read you posts. :-)

Apni Avani said...

Very very interesting and amusing post! :)

Abela said...

You are a very good writing and illustrating... I like how the watercolor will. Saludos

Lesley Edmonds said...

haha! really enjoyed your post today. Poor Murray! The ATCs you made are really scrumptious and very lucky the person is who receives them. Your watercolor is looking very promising - gorgeous start.

Victoria said...

Wow..your atc's set is gorgeous..and your new watercolor is magnificent..shine on..spectacular work!

Anne Manda said...

Great post! :-D
Watercolor looks awesomely promising! <3

SHERI COOK said...

Your talant has no boundaries!
That ATC book is gorgeous and the watercolor flowers you have begun...cannot wait to see the finished piece.
I love visiting your blog!!!!
Happy PPF!
Sheri Cook

EVA said...

LOL! I hope your internet is back soon!! Yikes - that's a long time to be without it.

Loving your WIP and you paintings to illustrate what is happening in your life! At least Murray got his portrait painted before he departed your world! ;)

Annabelle said...

Too bad for the internet but love the water colours, especially the header...and those tea cups are precious!Adore the colours you chose.

Fallingladies said...

love the watercolor work in progress! beautiful, good luck with Mila or maggie, how about Mabel?

faye said...

I am impressed by your ability to paint the now-defunct modem and the one that is sharing duties for the family. I love the rose-colored WIP. It is exciting just as it is, but I am looking forward to seeing more.

carlarey said...

May he rest...I hope your relationship with Matilda or Maude is one of mutual respect, admiration and support. Try not to catch anything from that trashy Douglas.

Love the ATC's and the new watercolor.

Rita said...

Yes, rest in peace, Murray! I hope Douglas services you well and proper while you wait for your new and improved modem (Maggie made me think of Rod Stewart's Maggie May!).

Your water color flower is absolutely gorgeous already! I hope the family doesn't mind you disappearing for a while. ;) Don't forget pictures! :)

Alicia C said...

Hah! i completely relate - technology can be our greatest friends and greatest frustration at times - thanks for the great idea of memorializing it! Might do that with an old Toshiba which no longer does anything worthwhile but which I can't just toss out you know....

GlorV1 said...

Love your atc's. I hope Murray does rest in peace, tee hee. Great job on painting the modem. Thanks for sharing. Happy PPF!

pauline said...

Tracey, you are so fucking funny.... LOL
As always, your illustrations/paintings are fabulous and that watercolour is absolutely AMAZING!! I can't wait to see it completed. I'm in awe... Happy PPF! xoxo

Alexandra MacVean said...

Tracy, your sketching and watercolour is simply divine! You always impress me with your work. :)

Anonymous said...

Your ATCs are gorgeous--and I can.not.wait. to see that pink floral watercolor piece when it's done! About the other...well, I'm guessing poor Murray is up in that Great Tech Support in the sky, telling the other cast-off electronics how he never got no respect ;)

Ayala Art said...

Poor Murray. Hello Douglas hhhehheeheh Awesome art!

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

I'm sorry for the loss of Murray but I'm happy you found Douglas. :) Great ATC's. Love your teacups. :)

Carol Apple said...

So sorry to hear about Murray. I was a technical illustrator for 10 years of my career so I appreciate your excellent portrait of him. Love your ATCs too. I have done a whole stack of those and am trying to figure out was to frame and present. I love the accordian display.

Unknown said...

Always the danger of spewing coffee on my monitor when I visit your blog- thanks for the laughter- it is ALWAYS welcome! I LOVED your tales of Douglas and Murray; but I do agree that giving the new one a female name may allow for a more reliable experience!
And your new flower- WOW I am in awe. It is so beautiful and delicate and just WONDERFUL! I can't wait to see it when it's finished! You're making me want to go back to my flowers and I don't have any photos to work from right now...ah well, I'll just continue to enjoy yours......
xo my sista,

Kristin said...

Oooooh, you crack me up! I LOVE this post - and your poor troubles have at the very least resulted in some great art and a fun story ;)
AND I LOVE your new watercolor!!! Peony? OH, this is gonna be my favorite yet (and that ain't easy as all your work is so pretty!)
BUT this really ... good luck! xoxo

*jean* said...

r.i.p. murray...your work is so wonderful...can't wait to see the finished peony! it's gorgeous!! happy PPF!

Catherine Denton said...

So sorry for poor Murray. *pauses in a moment of silence* He inspired an amazing post. Your paintings are lovely.

Terrie said...

Okay, here I sit, reading through your latest trials & tribulations and smiling, then chuckling, then shaking my head in commiseration. Meanwhile hubby keeps looking over wondering what's got me laughing. He'll never understand. But I do. :) And your paintings are fab as always, so I'm sure Sandra will be thrilled to receive them!

And, I keep reading about zines but not quite sure what they are or how they work exactly. Will go exploring to see what I can learn.....

Precious Worker said...

Dear dear Trace, your blog was a beauty! I had the first, and maybe last larf of the day, I saw Yes prime Minister in Melb. yesterday but your blog is way better!! You should write a book so I can read you every day and the sun will always shine. If only you could write about my antics yesterday. praps I should send you an email cos it may give you a giggle. too.Ive been off net a few days so I know what yuou mean.

DVArtist said...

Great post. Lovely art.

peggy gatto said...

thanks for the smile and the beginnings of another gorgeous watercolor!!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

LOL! at least you have a wonderful memento of the late Murray. your ATCs are gorgeous! thank you for sharing,
hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

SUPER funny! (With all due respect to the recently-departed Murray.) Needed a good laugh this morning...and your post delivered! The book you received is cleverly assembled. It is always fascinating to see your work in progress - the flower is beautiful already. The final piece I'm sure will be stunning.