Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Workdesk Wednesday

Loving what is on my workdesk at the moment
I have a pic that I painted yesterday
which I kind of didn't like so much
so am having a play with it
which is fun because it really doesn't matter if it becomes
a complete disaster
so I can go a bit mad with it
and not worry about results
always fun right...
and some drawings of some yummy iced tea
which tastes so much better because it is in pretty bottles

and on the other side of the studio
I have lots of cards and notebooks to finish off
which is very rewarding
 because I get to see my latest work turned into things
pretty things
not just up on the wall
and the glass tiles I made from my peony painting 
are just going to look amazing
as necklaces
if I do say so myself...

Only thing that isn't wonderful this week
is I am still without regular internet
which is driving me a bit mad
and I have to continue to rely on the dongle
and this is a touch temperamental
perhaps he doesn't like that I called him Douglas
though I always quite liked the name Douglas
maybe if I re-name him Dave he will become reliable and a bit boring
of course I apologise to all boring but reliable Daves
 who I have offended with the previous statement

so if I don't get to you all I apologise in advance
or if I get to you in dribs and drabs
sorry  for dribbing and drabbing I suppose
I have been assured by the phone company that all will be well
this time next week and of course
we all trust the phone companies word don't we
wish me luck...

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Squeaking Giraffes and Lady Grey

Had grand plans of doing some great work this morning
despite the start...
Mushu had left me a toy giraffe to stand on as I got out of bed
have to say you wake up pretty quick when your foot hits
something soft and furry at 5am...
not to mention the heart starter that is the squeak
as you stand on it
quite an effective wake up it turns out

I would love to say I was awake enough
to go mad on him
but he left it as a gift I am sure
so just stumbled into the start of the day instead
and don't seem to have caught up since
already deep into Lady Grey territory 
and starting to check my nails to see if they are turning blue like the label
that would be kind of cool...

did I tell you that my toe nails reacted 
with the chemicals in the pool when we were on hols
and turned the brightest blue
like flouro blue
didn't last
but kind of cool at the time
and not so cool to think it was probably because of  some fungus
but hey blue nails!!!!

So I am painting a little tribute to my sanity saver
and fall back tea
when all else in the world is like a giraffe squeaking at 5am
it is there to make it all seem okay
even if it doesn't turn my nails blue....xx

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Sketch

Finally it is here
the last weekend of summer
and instead of doing something suitably summery
and I am still trying to set myself the goal 
of attacking some back and white drawings using just line
and I am finding it challenging but fun at the same time
and after the masochistic week I had with the peony painting
it is nice to think in black and white and not be concerned with layering colour 
and creating tone through colour
It is like giving my poor brain a bit of a breather

I was going to do some drawing of the bamboo
which has grown in triffid like spurts
since we planted it in the late winter
and after a rather hot and very wet summer
it appears to be growing almost as I sit at my table and look out at it
It is going to create the most wonderful green wall
and block the horrid western sun
so next summer my studio is going to be much cooler 
and I am looking forward to that quiet clacking of the stems
and I thought it would make a great black and white subject 
but when I looked at the photos I had taken 
I decided that I didn't have the brain power 
to attack such a complex subject
and so I resorted to swivelling my chair and drawing one of the cubby hole
shelves in the studio
so much more calming,
not to mention cooler...

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Pearl Jam Peony

The Peony is finished
after a very messy week full of stops and starts
and all sorts of distractions
I am putting a fork in it
cause it is done baby!!!!
well not scanned properly yet and maybe needs a bit of cleaning up and fine tuning
but close enough....

It all started with this photo
which I took quite some time ago
and the desire to tune up my botanical skills...
So I jumped in and started a peony
which have always been some of my favourite flowers
but deciding to not be a complete masochist
I decided to simplify it and make it like a single huge bloom
simplify my ass...
What was I thinking...

In the past I have really relished doing intense botanical work
okay maybe there has been some bitching and moaning along the way
but by and large I have found the
repetitive nature and close concentration required
to be quite therapeutic in an odd way

It would appear though that that ship has now sailed
frustration and distraction appear to be the key words
and any sort of powers to stick in there 
and concentrate for extended periods of time
has somehow fallen out of my brain
or perhaps it
has been obliterated by the madhouse that my house has veered into

The highlight for the madhouse portion of my week was just the other evening
I am quietly trying to get in and do 
some pencil colouring over the watercolour layer
well maybe not exactly quietly doing it as I was singing along
to some Pearl Jam at the same time
hence its title
Pearl Jam Peony

and on that note 
it turns out Pearl Jam is not that conducive to fine delicate pencil work
perhaps something slightly more restful and calming would have been more appropriate
you live and learn these things...

Sinus comes in and announces he is going to the bathroom
as only men do
to which I replied with the standard
have fun 
and turned back to my work all the while marvelling at the need for men 
to share these sorts of things with us
next I know I hear a squeal from the kitchen
a yell of its all over me which had emanated from a rather
distressingly high pitched male voice
and then these words uttered by the daughter

Well if you need an emergency appendectomy, that is where you want to land....

I did sit for a minute and consider all the possible scenarios 
that could have led to this statement
but in the end I abandoned my work and headed to the kitchen to find 
Matt dancing around trying to get something off his shirt 
from under his arm mind you
like all down the side of this shirt
Phoebe staring at a rather large splodge of hand sanitiser
that had been squirted across the kitchen floor
 She looks up and gestures to it
and says 
good place for an emergency appi 
and walks off like that is a completely normal statement
 Matt then spends the next three minutes explaining 
how the kitchen hand sanitiser
had somehow attacked him 
and spewed half its contents across the floor
which was now attracting the attention of the dog
who decides maybe he should taste this goo
and leads to us jumping around trying to shoo him away and clean it up
which he of course thinks is just about the best game ever invented...

this example leads me to the conclusion 
that my life is somewhat out of control
when something as ordinary as a trip to the bathroom by the husband
can lead to this sort of chaos
and why on earth you would need to use the hand sanitiser in the kitchen 
when there is a perfectly good one in the bathroom is beyond me
one of the mysteries of life I suppose

it is a miracle I achieve anything at all really...

So on that note 
I am linking this up with Paint Party Friday
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everyone has been up to in their hopefully
much saner worlds...xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Scribbling Twinks

So I am sitting in a stinking hot
ridiculously humid studio
waiting waiting waiting
for the storm to hurry up already and cool things off

You know those days when it is just so hot and damp 
that you end up in a major grump
and the whole day goes into a holding pattern as the storm builds 
and builds
and the sky gets
darker and darker
and the air gets heavier and heavier

and the paper takes forever to dry
and your new Twinkling H2O's can't be bothered twinkling
because even they are too hot to be assed
it couldn't be that this was my first go with them 
and that I couldn't be patient enough 
to wait for the mica stuff to activate of whatever
and that I rushed to get it done so I could get it up before the 
daughter comes in from school and needs feeding and watering
whatever the reason
 they have a very minimal shimmer
I still want to blame the heat
whatever the reason 
I need a lot more time to get them working in any sort of
appropriately twinkly way

They may also have been rushed
 because I spent way too much time on Scribbler Too
 for the link
which has led to me blacking out in front of the screen
or something similar
because before I knew it
I had lost about three hours

You should head over to the site and have a play with this free program
because it is serious fun
even if you are about as coordinated with a mouse as I am
it is still fun
and I am figuring the chances of housework happening this week
are pretty minimal until I have driven myself nuts with it...
I actually believe that Lisa should visit
and do my catch up housework
seeing as she will be responsible for
me being a more neglectful wife and parent than usual...
and maybe she will bring some cool weather with her...

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Peg Issues

Time to come clean that I have issues
and I know many of you are not surprised by that statement
and I know we all have them
 some of us more than others
but for me I have had one huge issue
that for years
and in different ways has done my head in
I have an issue with pegs...
ordinary clothes pegs have caused me more grief than you can imagine...

It started early with the bizarre family practice
of getting pegged
now I am not sure how this started
but it involves having someone hang a peg 
off the back of your clothes without you knowing
and everyone else laughing at the pegged one
 this was seriously  traumatic as a child
and to this day my dad persists in pegging people 
so we spend half of Christmas lunch 
and every visit
madly checking shirts, skirts and hems

and inevitably I am pegged
every single family function for the last 40 years I have been pegged
I always start off vigilant
but inevitably drop my guard 
and from there I am easy pickings
I have actually headed out to the car to head home
and have had mum stop me because I have half the clothes line
hanging off my clothes
pick on the air head

None of this is helped 
by the fact that they often use different coloured pegs
you see if they used the same colour pegs I could handle it
well, maybe not handle it 
but at least not feel like I am having a complete breakdown
but the thought of different colours next to each other is beyond me
for me if you use pegs you use the same colour pegs 
on the same piece of clothing
none of this one blue peg  and one green on a shirt
and don't even get me started on mixing colours across the different lines

We all have our things that we need to be in order 
and I have a high tolerance for all sorts of things
and in no way could I ever
in any universe
be described as a neat freak
but messing with pegs
is tantamount to war

so after many years of needing to go out and straighten the pegs on the line
and check that they aren't cross coloured if someone else has 
by some miracle pegged out clothes
I have gone out and bought a line full of green pegs
no more colour issues now
every one of those suckers is the same colours
and problem solved

Now I know I could have thought of this years ago
and I am a touch embarrassed that I haven't thought of it
but they say you get older and wiser
and maybe that is finally kicking in
and to celebrate finally exhibiting wisdom
I have confronted  and celebrated the issue with a drawing
of pegs
not just one drawing
but one drawing and two with colour added to copies
so it is like peg - o - rama on the desk here
Mind you the one with the coloured pegs is safely
tucked underneath the other two....

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which is celebrating its second birthday...
which is a very cool achievement

Friday, 17 February 2012

How many bits does it take to post...

End of the school week
weekend just peeking its nose around the corner
and all I have to share is bits...
bits of  paintings not finished
bits of coloured pencil being added
 to bits of the peony
bits of internet connection
bits of chocolate uneaten
whoops cancel that last one....

All in all it has been a bit of a strange week
not completely weird or terrible
but kind of all over the place
and before you all snort and say
what else is new
just give me a chance to explain

you see I have a shiny magnificent new studio
thanks to Sinus who has now been declared Lord of The Allen Key 
in recognition of his achievements
and the studio un- freakin believable
it is absolutely perfect
but kind of scary to work in
there is no falling over stuff
no losing shoes under piles of paper
no jamming of fingers in drawers
no life or death obstacle course to make it to the door
in short
I feel a bit intimidated by my own space
I am hoping I just need a good old fashioned
toe stubbing to get back in the groove
and with my coordination
I am sure that is just around the corner

 Another bit of good news is that the new modem thingy has arrived
to replace poor Murray
and can I pause here to thank you all
for your well wishes
not that the rat deserved them deserting me like that
where was I
ah yes
the new modem... not really working yet
seems that while very pretty and sleek ,
it is a bit temperamental and will require some wrangling to get going
thinking it may be female after all... 

so shiny slightly scary studio
dud internet in said shiny studio

Tea paintings started but not progressing
due to slightly scary nature of gorgeous studio

Watercolour layer complete on Peony
and some coloured pencil being added
but not really at a stage where I am feeling comfortable 
that it is actually going to come together
and not likely to get back to it today
because these little beauties just arrived in the post

so I am off to have a bit of a play and hope that toe stubbing shows up
and that the new modem decides we are worthy of it working
so I can visit everyone I missed last week with Paint Party Friday
and that I find a bit of chocolate I missed under the paper on my desk

how many bits you may ask...
14 if you don't cancel the chocolate at the beginning of the post
but 13 if you did...
and it took me three goes to add those puppies up 
and I'm still slightly unsure if I have it right....

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


What's not on my workdesk this Wednesday
is Arizona blueberry white tea
because it was guzzled in record time
I kind of figured if I skulled it and didn't look at the calories thingy at the back 
then I could pretend it was relatively healthy
this is in fact the diet equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears 
and humming loudly
but hey works for me

and the bottle is now residing in the recycle bin
not before I got in and drew and painted it mind
but it was just screaming to be immortalised
so while not on my desk in person at the moment
the painting means it remains in spirit at least

Also not on my desk
the A Tea C's for the swap with Sandra
which I finally got in the post
it took way too long
and I wish I had a great excuse
but can't quite come up with one at the moment
so lets just pretend I sent it a week or so ago 
and that Australia Post is really really slow...

My desk is also printer free
and I even have some room for folders I use all the time
and a diary
which I of course never use
but like to use as a paperweight to hold down scraps of paper
which hold important things and dates and reminders
which would be better in the diary
but where is the fun in that...

So the printer is now over here
along with some of my treasures
and it is over here

The studio is finally finished
well the outward appearance is finished
there are still some scary draws
but I will get to them soon
Lots of pics and the story is in the previous post
I was going to save it for the weekly desk stalk
but I couldn't wait
so posted about it yesterday

Also not on my desk is a finished painting of a peony
which I really really wanted to have finished for today

but instead it is only part of the way along
which I blame on everything but me
so my submission for the Monthly Painter's Challenge
is a photo
which feels like kind of a cop out
and the topic was Micro/macro
which did my head in
and I was going to paint the Peony
but then I decided a rose would be my subject
after seeing these glorious apricot roses at the florist
and I tried to paint this a million times
okay at least three times
and every time it didn't come close to the photo I took
so I decided the photo would be it...

Hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday 
and head over to WOYWW
hosted by the lovely Julia
to stalk some desks with me
I have missed it terribly in the last few weeks
so can't wait to have a nose around 
and see what everyone has been up to...xx