Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Most Glorious Sunday of the Summer

So it is that most glorious Sunday
beloved by parents all over the fair state of Queensland
the last Sunday of the Summer break....
tomorrow all the poor little sods
head back off to school
no more cartoon channel blaring at all hours
no more standing and gazing into the fridge
no more shrieking that if they don't get off the lounge 
you are going to staple gun them to it....
in my defence was only used after a particularly trying stint of MTV
and I am quite proud that this year 
I actually never hid the remote in the freezer
it turns out
is a very effective strategy for parenting both teenagers 
and annoying sport watching husbands 
of course if they are quick learners 
and as such
 the freezer proves ineffective
try the vegetable crisper in the fridge
cause we all know they never crack that sucker...

So by this time next week I will again be whining
about the nightmare that is
alarms going at ridiculous hours
school lunch boxes
and uniforms
 pick up zones and 
the fact that fathers have no clue how to work a drop off zone...
the insanity of school timetabling
juggling extra curriculas
the ridiculous idea that almost 16 year old girls 
are in fact human beings....

but for this one glorious day none of it matters
I happily hummed to myself as I moved the summer uniforms into the laundry
checked that school bag hadn't magically been 
swallowed whole by the broom closet 
over the last two
mind sapping
and at times 
nightmarish two months....

So I happily jumped in the car and headed
off to buy school lunch supplies
reassured that I wasn't evil for celebrating this day
by all the other smiling parents
and glum and down at mouth suckers...
the nightmare of the parking lot couldn't even touch my joy 
and barely able to contain my glee any longer
I sang all the way home
at the top of my lungs
and gloriously off key
after which I

 happily made my way to my studio to draw up my idea
the first

The challenge colour is this amazing orange
and so lends itself perfectly to a mixed media painting 
centring around
 my coffee mug, penguin classics and an orange teapot

Now because I was happy and relaxed
the drawing came together with lightning speed
almost like it knows that I will soon
again find myself in possession of time and
will be able to play in peace....
So I am linking this puppy up to Sunday Sketches
and looking forward to a glorious Monday where
 thanks to the wonder of time zones
I will get to spend  gloriously uninterrupted time 
checking out what drawings people have done...

The snart culprit himself
PS It would appear from your comments from
that Snart is the preferred terminology...
got me thinking that perhaps fluffy is an Australian ism....
In our house the question was asked as to
who let fluffy off his chain?
Curious as to what other terms people have...
not the most ladylike topic 
but my brain kind of works that way sometimes...


Anonymous said...

Happy end of summer break, back to semi-sanity for you :).
Stay inspired!

Unknown said...

I am liking what's happening with your sketch and can't wait to see that finished:) Good to know that someone else thinks the way I do about kids/school/vacations - LOL! I'm not alone. Sing it loud!!

Tammie Lee said...

It is quite fun to hear your tale of summer while i have snow falling from the sky.

so wonderful is your sketch.

Lenora said...

summer break? as we battle the ice and frozen rain :-)

Rita said...

I can hardly wait to see what you do with this stunning drawing. I was chuckling through most of this post! You sound just so happy and silly and relaxed.

I grew up in Minnesota and I have never heard of a fluffy. We actually called them "stinkers". What you would hear was: "Who let one?" "Did you let a stinker?" "Who's stinker?" LOLOL! I rarely heard fart used when I was a kid, but fart would be the other most used term I heard after I was an adult. And adults use "stinker" up here, too--LOL!

Unknown said...

Ahahaha!! Cool post!

Alicia C said...

I love the interactions of the simple line sketch with the tea bags! fun poem, too

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff ...
Plus, Even I'm back with my Art Work

Unknown said...

Summer, I can only dream...wet and windy and cold here...yuck. Love your sketches...Um tea, best drink of the day... :)

WrightStuff said...

This is so funny - you'll wonder what to do with yourself!!

Great to see how you plot out your pieces.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

LOL, your post is soo funny! and your sketches seem effortless and i'm sure they will turn out amazing. thanks for sharing,
hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

Kat W said...

This had me laughing out loud :-)) Fab post!! And your sketches are as always great.

Kat :-)

Anonymous said...

never heard of a fluffy, here in northern canada anyway, some people say who cut the cheese, or who let one, or stinker , ha ha, what a subject, your post is wonderful and I just love the way you created this sketch, its amazing with the tea lable peaking through the simple sketch, beautiful,
we are buried in snow in a deep freeze,

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Enjoyed your funny post. It reminds me of a TV commercial that is played every year when kids are returning to school. It has parents skipping down the aisle of school supplies while their children follow with sad, downtrodden looks--all to the music of "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

carol l mckenna said...

Fun ~ hearing about summer ending when New England just had a snow fall ~ glad you enjoyed your art time ~ Once read "Idle moments are only good when they are stolen.' ~ namaste,carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy SS ^_^

Gwen said...

This work is is so different.

Christine said...

Your work looks beautiful, just like that.

ANNE said...

Yay for you for your peace & quiet and yay for me cause that means Spring for me is right around the next corner :) Soooo tired of snow.

Thank you for your humourous take on back-to-school!

Melisa said...

Lovely sketches! It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful week of freedom. I've never heard the word fluffy used like that. Here, fluffy is a very nice thing!

Virtual Boy said...

Stunning work, I can tell this will be really beautiful when colored!

// -T.W-

Sabina said...

This post is hilarious. Good tip about the remote! Anyway love the illustration. It really gives a sense of warmth if that makes any sense.

Alexandra MacVean said...

This is great. I love the idea of it. Thank you for sharing. :)

Not sure if I was ever able to leave a comment last week or not. I remember trying multiple times to leave a comment.

Thank you for joining us on SS. Hugs

Erin said...

Lovely sketches....AND thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Nice post - and I love the sketches, your front image is gorgeous!!! lovely blue colors.

Victoria said...

Gorgeous post as always..fabulous! and gorgeous pup! Sweet soul!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I came here from CED this morning, and got a laugh at the remote in the veggie crisper. Loved it, as well as your awesome drawings and sketches.

Molly said...

Hard to believe your summer is almost over and it's time for heading back to school. It seems like just yesterday you were doing the dreaded drop off! Hope you enjoy the solitude of the first day back! xoxo

tracy said...

Awwww... this post brought back fond fond memories of a day in August when it was time for the chicks to head back to school. I looked sad and asked them what ever was I to do ALL day by myself. There was no sympathy. None.

Let's see... we've had several terms we've used over the years:

Fluffed (Who fluffed?)
Shootin' Bunnies (for those sound like an automatic weapon going off)

And I must share... My darling son had such a nasty case of "shootin' bunnies" one year at school that the teacher, pulled him out of the class. She asked him if he was feeling okay. The next time it happened she sprayed air freshener in the classroom. Leave it to my darling first born to leave lasting impressions upon his teachers. :)

Priya said...

End of summer? its hard cold winter here... Nice painting!

Ginny said...

First of all I love all of your sketches. I always do.
I also laughed and smiled through your post. First, I remember what it was like to be the mom waiting for the first day of school with both excitiment and a little sadness. Then, I remembered what it was like to be the teacher waiting for the first day of school with both excitement and a little sadness. Then I remembered being the administrator who had to watch over the carpool line or the bus line both of which can be quite an experience. And then I remembered this year going to my first Grandparent's day entering the carpool line from the wrong direction. We quickly realized our mistake and turned around without incident but the look on the poor teacher's face was one of horror. How far I've come!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! Your post cracked me up! YEAH, cheers to back to school!!! LOVELY piece too - can't wait to check out that color challenge - thank you for your humor and inspiration, xoxo

Anonymous said...

This post and its comments have me giggling. And the "snart culprit" mug shot...poor little guy :)

Carolyn Dube said...

There is a commercial here from a few years ago for Staples. Here's the link to watch it. I will tell you there are thousands of parents who sing this song at this time of year. I was never one, until this year. Why? I am a teacher and it means I have to go back too. This is my sabbatical year so I sang it proudly this year.

Debbie said...

your sketch is simple and well done! I'm curious about the color challenge and will check back to see what it is! I enjoyed your post!

Vicki Holdwick said...

Tracey, I'm waiting to hear from you with your snail mail addy so I can send you the Andrea Joseph zine you won in my giveaway.

Send me an email,