Monday, 30 January 2012

Chaos Unleashed

Finally I got in and had a go at lesson 1
of Doodles Unleashed
over at Strathmore Online Workshops
I was so determined to try to get at least one week done before the month was up
so I just squeaked it in...
still woefully behind in Lifebook
but hey these things happen...

Not so sure I enjoyed the process
and  at times it kind of felt 
as though I was having my fingernails
slowly removed
but there are parts of the finished mess that are kind of okay
and I think I will get in and do some more
so I can make them look more like me

It did make me get in and play a bit more and I started a journal page
just playing with pattern and colour
more my colours mind you...
and of course I could have used my colours in the lesson
but I had this weird sense that I should be good
and listen to what Traci Bautista had to say
maybe that good girl thing is what freaked me out a little bit
and maybe next lesson I will be back to my normal 
half listening, gazing out the window, get distracted self
and it will be a little more comfortable
So I got in and did some colour doodling
and black and white pen doodling

but haven't finished  either...
at least the painting one is
 pretty close but it's not quite there..

But I have the most fantastic excuse
you see I had the bright idea that my little studio
needed to be revamped
it had kind of been growing and morphing in a scary way
and it has moved beyond that eclectic
to just plain haphazard
and as I spend more and more time in here
and with my spectacular levels of un- coordination
I am falling over things 
and stubbing toes
 which leads regular yelps and hopping around on one foot
as well as much muttering and mumbling
and increasingly 
frequent bouts of unladylike cussing
which my ungrateful, thoughtless, oh so coordinated daughter
finds endlessly amusing
and as I am not here to amuse her 
action was called for...

So the long suffering Sinus Man has jumped at the challenge
and I am now sitting in what could only be described
as a bomb site
not a little piece of C4 going off
this is like a nuclear explosion of biblical proportions
I have supplies and bits spread over three rooms
the paint we thought was a match to repaint the wall 
which needed repairs after shelves and things were removed to gaping holes
well sort of similar
  but not quite right
but we are hoping it will blend in a somewhat artistic way
or that paintings and frames can cover the worst of it

and just to top off what has been just another
chaotic Monday
Sinus just called me with the wonderful news that
the hardware giant is in stock of every shelf known to man
the one we need
of course....
ah... Monday's are a joy!!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

After having read through and doodled through the first lesson of that class, I really like what you did. I can see where your style took over and left Traci's behind. Good for you. That's what makes you a real artist and me an imitator. Love what you did!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I forgot to mention (I hit send too soon) that it sounds like you really DO need to get that room in order. You will be so happy when things get organized, etc. Hope the paint actually matches. I had some white I thought would match and you can see the obvious places I tried to match it.

linda said...

lovely doodles! i've watched some of the videos too, but have yet to actually do something...eek!

Carolyn Dube said...

One of the things I really love about Traci's workshop is that I & so many people have taken it and posted about it. That means I get to see their interpretation on the lesson. It is amazing to me how we all saw the same lesson but have created very different pieces with it. I love how you did the patterns - I can see "you" in it.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I'm in the process of re-painting several rooms in the house too. Was told that wall paint fades or bleaches out because of the if the walls haven't been painted in a while (mine haven't been painted in over a deacade) to just paint over everything...rather than do patching and trying to match the existing paint. So much for an easy job (which I had hoped for).

Your artwork, as usual, is beautifully inspiring with its vivid colors and creative energy!!

Unknown said...

I love your doodles, especially the ones that you let YOUR style creep back into- I love your style! It sounds like Sinus Man and my hubby could be related; every "project" we ever take on goes through a series mishaps like the paint and shelves, but in the end it all works out beautifully!
Happy Monday!

pauline said...

Ah Tracey... your posts are always so refreshing. As is your artwork.
As for the doodles, i love them! I had signed up for the same workshop but had too many things going on at once, so fell far behind. Maybe i'll try again & this time actually watch the videos! :-)
Your colours are always so beautiful...and your stories make me smile. Hugs. xoxo

Rita said...

I hope we get to see the before and after pictures!
I love your doodles!! Bright and beautiful...and so you. :)
Hope your shelves come in soon.

carol l mckenna said...

Loving your 'doodles' ~ colors, composition ~ style ~ Brava! ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked with CED

TK Piatek said...

I am now signed up for Doodles Unlimited - what a great resource. Thanks for sharing - I love what you are doing with the techniques. They are just the inspiration I need for my new class for seniors. Thanks

craftydvl said...

I love these! Tracey, do you participate in Creative Tuesdays? I can't remember if I've seen you over there or not, but they have bi-weekly challenges, and the next one coming up is for "Patterns." These would definitely work for the challenge, methinks! If you are interested, or if you want to check out the blog in general, it is , and it is run by a very nice moderator. His name is Mister Toast. Wonderful energy in these works!

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Carolyn said above, but with a p.s. that I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the workshop more. I had a blast with that first week's project. I love your doodles, tho, especially the latter ones where "your" colors just shine :) :) :)

Terrie said...

You mentioned earlier that you were going to give Traci's workshop a try - it sounds like you had some of the same struggles as me....though I like your result quite a lot. That said, I like "your" version better with the clearer colors. What I DO like about the workshop is encouraging me to layer and layer with lots of different mediums - that part was totally fun and new to me. Loved your orange in the previous post (and your random thoughts!).

Unknown said...

ooo your patterns are lovely! I think the first doodles have some interesting thongs going on but, your joy and clear colors really shine in the second set.

Precious Worker said...

Love your pickies Trace. They are so free and fun. The second batch are brighter and probably happier cos you were happier doing them. Dont feel guilty about mess. I havent met an artist yet who isnt. We try so hard to keep things in order and in their proper place, but doesnt last long!! Mind you when I found my desk and totally cleared it, I was able to do a canvas 2'x2' tangelation.

Anonymous said...

I love all the colour and movement :). Here's a link to my post Walken does Poe in case you missed it. I thought your daughter might enjoy ;).
Stay inspired!

FranT said...

I love both pieces of art! Particularly, the second one is definately bright and sunny and all you!What a great lesson to lead you to your own version:) I love how you describe you and your family's day. I enjoy coming here and visiting:) xo Fran

Tat @ Mum in search said...

Your Doodles Unleashed look perfect to me!

gina said...

Your patterns are so pretty, and the colors so vibrant! (I love color). Good luck with the revamping.

Jennibellie said...

I love your version of the doodles unleashed, I've watched the first video and while I like Tracy herself I was doing a lot of gazing, but you have actually done it which is a lot more than I can say, I may try again tomorrow. Adore the second piece xx

Anonymous said...

Very nice and colorful doodle...i love both!