Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Randomness and a mohawk

Last summer I had the bright idea of painting a black board on to the wall in the breakfast nook - of course back then it was the dining room and Matt got a tad carried away with painting and it is a little larger than I had originally envisaged. However I embraced the mind blowing immenseness of it  thinking it would be a place where there would be a collection of random and witty comments and images, but the reality is a little different. Instead of wit there is weird chemistry diagrams, some sort of maths that I have no hope of understanding, Japanese script, which I just hope and pray doesn't contain highly offensive words, and an algorithm that Phoebe, aka Steve, kindly devised for me to convert Kj's to calories in my head. Bless her that she thought I would ever do that... calories should be consumed not counted! So this post contains the sort of random thoughts and wittiness that doesn't appear on our wall. I am shamelessly not crediting who and where they came from because I just saved them and never thought to keep track.

A friend sent me this the other day and I just thought it was so perfect. Wouldn't it be great to see this hanging on a community notice board next to ads for flat mates and old sofas. Maybe we should start a movement! Flash mobs are so last season.

This made me laugh and wish I was just that witty. If I thought of this I would spend my time sitting and watching people's reactions to it!

I love the sentiment with this and am trying to make something marvellous every day. I have pinned this up above my work desk and am trying to live by it all month! Confusing for me though is that spell check says that marvellous has two l's... is this an Australian English thing??? Or is the one l an Americanism??? Is it less marvellous if it only has one L???

I was sent this via facebook and I am sure many of you have already gotten either or both of these sent through, but I thought it was pretty great and you might want to copy it and post it on your blogs!! Kind of tending towards the second one though because this season is warming up to be a bit of a keep calm and survive the keep calm products sort of Christmas!!

Finally here are my babies, Steve and Mushu christening my new iphone, with what I thought was a cute screensaver pic until I blew it up and saw that Steve is holding poor Mushu's head up to the camera... how awful... how can anyone do anything like that to such a dumb but lovable dog ???

Who looks great with his new mohawk!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me smile :). Love the "Take at least one" and "Be the first of your friends"!

Stay inspired!
Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

Jaz Higgins said...

Hehe it's coincedental that I just happened to mention your chalkboard in my blog post today! :) Somehow I don't think mine will end up with any mathematical or chemistry diagrams on it - which I actually think make it look interesting, but I simply don't have the brains for it!

I love the idea of buying handmade this Christmas too...

VonnyK said...

Mushu is so cute and I love the sayings.

Jo Murray said...

Signs are often amusing, and enlightening. Love these....and the 'babies' are soooo cute.