Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mission Spring

Good bye loyal friend
Spring doesn't seem to know what it is doing this year. One day it is glorious and the next just awful, but one thing is for certain and that is that I have home spring fever. Poor Matt is coming home to the dreaded words... I've been thinking about the lounge room and I think I have an idea of how I would like it to look. It's looking a little tired and its time for a freshen up I think(or insert pretty much any room in the house instead of lounge)  . Now a weaker man would pale and quake at these words, but not my man, no he just calmly resigns himself to the fact that it is easier to just indulge me and wait for the mood to pass. 
This year however the mood has not passed and the house is entering that stage where half the rooms are half done and furniture is leaving and arriving like it is Grand Central Station, and one thing is leading to another and the plan is that by Christmas it will have some semblance of unity back... that is the plan anyway. 
Now most people start with the measurements of the rooms and work out what will work, and we really tried to do that this time, but inevitably we were faced with the perfect lounge and rather than thinking twice, we bought it on the spot. Sounds fair enough until you realise that it is a single three seater lounge which will replace the existing three seater, but it didn't come with a matching two seater, or arm chairs or the like, so until we find the perfect chairs we will have one beautiful new lounge, and one rather sad old lounge. I kind of like these chairs, though the pic isn't the best... but need to look at a few more before I find the ones that are perfect.
All of this started with us looking for a new table for the re-named breakfast nook. Our last purchase that we fell in love with used to occupy this small space off the kitchen in all its humungous dark Bali wooded glory, but after a few years of falling over it, running into it every time we turned around and generally having to be a contortionist just to get past it we moved it into the end room and have started making a dining room. 
new dining room in its early stages
Why we haven't thought to do this earlier I have no idea and after a coat of paint, two more chairs, some new cabinets at the end, new blinds, building a garden at the end to improve the outlook and rethinking the lighting it will work beautifully. At least I have two new chairs coming for the ends tomorrow and so I have made a bit of a start, but I have a feeling it may be pushing it a bit to have it finished for Christmas. 
Of course after moving this we found we needed to buy a table for the old dining area, as our old recycled round table hasn't really stood the test of time too well, but we actually found a table that will work well. It is much smaller and will give us room for some shelves maybe, or a small cabinet, or, or, or... have a feeling that room is going to take on mythic proportions in terms of trying different options by the time we finish with it! It has always been our nemesis room, but maybe we are getting to a solution there... maybe.
It is exciting and fun and Matt is showing the patience of a saint at this stage... he hasn't even flinched at the words painting and electricians and flooring, so mission spring freshen is a go!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the new environment and the twists and turns of the creative process along the way :).
Stay inspired!

Coleen said...

Thank you for following on my blog Tracey. I"m following here too. You have a lovely style to your paintings. I really like your botanicals too.

Coleen in Ukraine

Tracey FK said...

Thanks Michelle and Coleen... appreciate the support so much!

Terrie said...

Looks like a great start! And your idea for keeping a sketching/zentangle notebook in the car is a good one - I keep one too; you never know when you're going to have to wait.....

Unknown said...

oh. i just want to *move*
i'm not kidding.

our house has like SHRunk this year or something.
i want to move. so does manperson.
we don't want to clean it up.

to hell with sprucing it up.
we are moving.

he just doesn't know it yet.