Saturday, 10 September 2011


Pattern of my day
 I have a new routine to start the weekend and that is that I make a coffee, head into the studio and spend some time going through the Inspiration Avenue Challenge submissions that have been posted. This week the theme was Pattern, and after the nemesis challenge of beach treasures last week, it was a relief. It is such a great way to start the weekend, and it is wonderfully inspiring to look at connect with other blogs. It has been quite a revelation for me, and I am loving the sense of community.
I had a time when I was completely obsessed with painting pattern and designs from wallpaper, and I considered going back to something along those lines, but it was maybe not the best idea given the level of obsession it exerted over me last time, when I was in danger or engulfing the whole house in a sea of patterns. Even the dog started to look as though he maybe needed a patterns jumper to jazz him up, and the look on my daughter's face when I said I was thinking of revisiting those paintings made me rethink that approach.
A painting from my Pattern Obsession
Heeding the advise that it may be a good thing that I had moved on from that stage, I started to play around with paper and textures, and had a great time making some colleges, but found I wasn't quite getting to where I wanted to be, they didn't look right or finished, or dare I say it, patterned enough.
One of the paper collages I worked on
To help me through the frustration I was painting on a small canvas during the breaks where I have been trying to get find a way to transfer my collage style onto canvas effectively. I had been painting my favourite tea cup which spends most of the day beside me on the table, when I realised it is was... wait for it... patterned.

Problem solved, and frustrations vanished. The painting came together quickly and while I am still not getting the style from my works on paper, and it is a bit muddier than I would like, it is on its way and I am feeling as though I am getting somewhere towards painting more on canvas. I am much happier with the painting I did of the same mug for my Ritual painting, and have absolutely no idea why I am uncomfortable painting in the same style on canvas, but I am sure I will work it out and in the mean time, pattern has saved the day and I didn't traumatise the whole family this time!
The more successful tea cup in ritual


Sunshineshelle said...

I can picture the dog in a nicely patterned v-neck vest LOL! I love the wonderful blues & aquas & of course being parcial to a cuppa or three find the entire work totally charming - great stuff :) I found you via (CraftyMoose) Debbie's post :) so Hi there, pleased I dropped by!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoyed your blog also... love finding so many new blogs to follow, and especially local blogs!!

Anonymous said...

Great way to start my day Fletch & I love that a cuppa saved the day!!! How terrific!
Yes I have found that my on-line Painting Tribe that I firmed via the e-course & You fill my need for a creative community that 'gets me'! So wonderful how technology is reducing the isolated feeling of being an artist! Love that!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Lis I love that technology is bringing so many in the creative community... love that even though we are so far apart we can support each other, just like being back at Woomba Place sometimes xx

Kat W said...

I have to say I like all your pattern infused art past & present. I love the delicate blue & white china type pattern and love the collage painting you've done at the end. I'd enjoy seeing some more of your pattern painting period but I don't want your family to hate my encouragement and ban me from your blog hop ;-) Lol.

I like the way you have a routine of starting the weekend with a coffee and visiting. Its how I've started this weekend but all depends what the rest of the family have planned usually for me.

Great entry (both art & blog post) for this week's IA pattern theme - thanks for joining in :-)

Kat X

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, I think your pattern obsession days were pretty spectacular. However, I can see why your family might want you back in time for Christmas. That obsession must have consumed you! But this latest obsession is just as much fun. At least it is for me to view your awesome tea painting. Great IA entry.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Thanks to you both, and the pattern thing was consuming, but I still miss it at times. My daughter thinks I should change the name of my blog to cup ot tea because that is the new obsession... least that is a bit healthier I think... and of course I can draw and paint patterned tea cups and pots... perfect! Thanks for stopping by xx

Terrie said...

Love your blog and this response to the IA prompt. Isn't it amazing all the patterns we're surrounded with and take for granted?

Priti Lisa said...

Oh I think I could be very happy in a very patterned house...busy-ness is just more for the eye to see and more for the soul to imagine.
You have a real talent for the tiny details...I'm impressed!

Gloria said...

I'm a tea drinker so I enjoyed your paintings extra! I like the colors and the elements in your paper collages, too.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I and a total tea drinker and you've actually painted in my favorite brand. The blues and so soothing--just like a good cup of tea!

HeARTworks said...

Love your style! LOve the sketchy detail! I'm your new follower! Patsy from