Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Work in Progress

A quick look at the projects on my work table this week. I seem to have goten to a stage where I have a million things on the go and I need to get a few of them finished off before they start to take over! I did a little painting on the little canvas series based on tea and tea cups which is the project which is probably grabbing my interest the most at the moment.

I also have a botanical piece based on the gerberas that I had in my studio last week which I had planned to get into yesterday and today, but after a rather wet and windy two days, and with today looking just as damp, the paper is feling very damp and soft, so I may put that to one side until our dry weather returns.

I have two collages on the go, which I want to link in with the collage I have sort of finished below. I wanted to get back to cleaner images and colours after the last painterly series, and while I think the one below may be finiahed, I will probably come back to it and work a little more when these two are further along, ao that they create a series. I thought the collage below was finished, and even signed it, but then started to play with the two frames that I had painted up, and they seemed to be following the same process, so I have decided to see how they come together.
I have also started some sketches last night for my Monthly Painters Challenge Piece this month. The topic this month has really given me trouble, and it is a relief to finally have a direction, and while I can't share the initial sketches, I can say that after quite a late night in the studio last night, it is coming together in my head, and on paper, finally.

So I have lit my favourite candle, which is a Clarins Relaxing candle and smells beautiful, and hoping that the sun will reappear and the work will magically start to come together  and that I will have some progress to post later in the week!


Margot said...

Woo-hoo! seems like a creative high! can't wait to see all these marvelous pieces finished!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Thanks Nicolle, I had a suoper productive day yesterday and am off to the art supply store this morning so that is always fun. Looking forward to your next video! Trace xx