Friday, 19 August 2011

Gerberas and a Happy Distraction

Your day is always going to be good with beautiful gerberas on the work table. They are starting to look a tad sad, so I thought I would spend some time photographing them before they lost their colour and shape. I can use them for reference shots while I continue the painting I have started. I absolutely love the vibrancy of the colours and they captured the day perfectly as it is that perfect clear late winter day where the sky is completely clear, and the light is crystal so details are crisp and colours are so pure. Looking at the photos and playing with them has been a great exercise in composition, and makes me think of maybe having a bit of a tweak on the drawing I have started. Maybe I need another bloom in there to give the work more impact. Have a horrible feeling that I may end up starting fresh!

You would be forgiven for assuming after having such a great time photographing the gerberas I would have gotten stuck into the drawing, but after getting a layer of watercolour down I headed out to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and ended up spending the afternoon going in a completely different direction.

I was inspired by my favourite tea cup, which I used recently in a collage, and it got me thinking about wanting to apply some of those collage ideas to canvas. I started playing around drawing tea cups and a tea pot onto some handmade paper and got the images onto a series of small canvases along with some sayings I had been saving and got the start of some paint onto them very lightly. I have to wait for the self leveling gel to dry completely so I won't get back to them tomorrow, but am hoping they continue to develop the way they have started... if only there were a few more hours in the day! 

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