Friday, 1 July 2011

Worth the Mess and Disruption

Look at what my clever husband has been up to. Gone is the daggy old concrete and loathsome blue door and in its place are beautiful tiles and an amazing wooden door, which will just glow once it is stained. Matt has worked so hard with the help of Grasshopper, to create a lovely entrance and entertaining area and it is just perfect now. I did absolutely nothing other than make coffe and tea and be impressed, and after a week or so of tile dust and stuff everywhere, it just looks amazing. There are no end to Matt's talents it would seem and it is now an inviting area to go and spend time in. I can see me sitting out in the winter sunshine and doing some drawing and good thing that I can, becuase the combination of school holidays and home improvements mean that I have done very little in the way of artwork in the last two weeks. The poppies have had a little work and I have done all the planning  and sketching for the Monthly Painters Challenge this month, but actual ime in the studio has been very thin on the ground and I need to get in and remedy that before I start to get too grumpy and the next reveal for the painters challenge will be upon me before I know it.

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