Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Poppies, a silver lining... and a goat

The poppies are completed and I am thrilled with how they turned out. I finally managed to get back to something and finish it off rather than my usual put it into the draw and never return to it, and so I think I may have turned the corner regarding revisiting botanicals and finishing them off. I have been looking at different images and visiting a garden centre to find the next subject,and think I have settled on it. I want to stick with less showy flowers and go for ordinary garden varieties and look for the beauty in them rather than going for the spectacular bloom.

Next on the agenda was getting some work ready for Collective Store down at Wynnum, and I dropped down new cards and prints from the Poppies and the Tea Ritual Collage from last month's Monthly Painters' Challenge.

 I also made up some new necklaces using my collages and larger glass tiles, and they look great if I do say so myself. They are much more effective as a larger piece and they look more like wearable art, rather than just a pendant.

I was thrilled to send off two orders of necklaces , and also sent off one as a present to my first flat mate and fellow Bundilla Babe, Melissa. Melissa and I were are college together and then shared a flat during our first year of teaching, and through the wonders of facebook we managed to find each other, and it was as if nothing had changed, which has to be a sign to true friendship. Every day Melissa puts a photo up on Facebook which is her Silver Lining for the day, and every day I look for them. I loved that the other day her silver lining was a necklace I sent up to her, and so glad I was able to brighten her day.
 So to the goat... the people down the road have a goat, how weird is that. It wasn't enough that the chooks up the road got out the other day and were running around barnyarding the place up, the street now also has a goat. I thought it was a sheep because of the sound, but it turns out that a bleat and a baa are actually quite similar. It has to be a sign that you are a total city girl when you don't know the difference, but in my defence I was going by sound rather than sight, and now I have seen it I can confirm it is a goat!!! Can't wait to see what is next... my friend Robin has some Llamas maybe they could come for a sleep over.

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Jaz Higgins said...

The poppies look amazing! Wow. The goat...well I suppose goats are kind of cute. As long as it doesn't make crazy noises all day and night!