Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New collage and more wearables

I spent an enjoyable weekend creating wearable art from some of my drawings and paintings and I have to say it is great fun. I enjoy making cards and prints and other products that I sell at The Collective Store, but the jewellery is a bit different for me and it changes the way you see your work. I can see me extending and changing the designs and trying new methods and ideas, especially when I get the new shipment of supplies from the US. I wish they would hurry up and I can't wait to launch them at the Wynnum up-late event on the 16th of June.

I also spent time working on a new collage. I wanted to continue to explore some of the ideas that I started with in the last one, and while I don't think it is as successful as the first one, I am still relatively happy with the result, and will have it on the wall for a week or two before I put the finishing touches on it. I find that by waiting and spending time looking at a work before the final finishing off you get a good idea of what it needs. I have also hung them together on the wall so I can look at them and how they relate, and though I still like the bottom collage more, I am starting to like the new one more.You get so caught up during the process of painting, and a bit of time and perspective really helps. I am sure it will all find itself over the next week or so, and I just need to be patient and let them develop. The other thing I need to do is go and get some proper scans... there just never seems enough time to chase them up though. I will add it to the ever expanding list of things to do. Top of the list though is some painting today so I will get to it.

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