Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Fun New Project... Or Two

I have spent a fun weekend playing with my artwork and glasstiles, and these necklaces, and one rather dodgy ring are the result of that play. I have my friend and fellow painter, VonnyK to thank for introducing me to the method and I am really excited about the possibilities. I am thinking the tulips that I just completed would apply really well to a long rectangular necklace because it has such a strong colour palette and shape, and have ordered some more supplies to see how it all turns out. I also made some new gift tags and cards to drop down to The Collective Store this week.
Today I am attacking my Monthly Painters Challenge Topic. I am also planning on working out how to add links to the page and to the other participant's blogs... but me and technology aren't always on speaking terms so I am including a photo today in case it just doesn't work out!!


Unknown said...

The necklaces look awesome! Fantastic job! Will you sell them in the Collective Store?

I'll send you a private message on how to do links, it does take a bit to figure out.

Unknown said...

The Monthly Painters Challenge images look great on the green background!