Thursday, 10 March 2011

10 Things I Love About Autumn

I have spent the last few days working on my visual diaries and looking back at old artwork and came across this drawing I did years ago and it got me thinking about all the things I like about Autumn. There are advantages to living in a sub tropical climate and although the extreme weather of this summer hasn't given us much to love about Queensland it is still a great place to live despite the heat, and rains and floods, and cyclones. I think the best part of living here is Autumn which is just starting to show itself,so here are the top ten things that I love about my favourite season
  1. Cool mornings. I hate getting up and the cicadas are already going nuts, especially as I get up at an obscenely early time due to living in a house of early risers. To get up and go out and collect the paper and there is that cool light air wafting around is so energising. Not to mention that first morning when you need a jumper... I love that!
  2. No humidity!!! No more paper getting soggy, pencils grabbing on soft paper, watercolours that take forever to dry, or having to work with a fan going to keep cool!
  3. The light is clearer and the sky gets its beautiful deep cobalt back instead of the bleached out heat shimmer of summer and the sunsets are stunning. It is such great light to work in and I always find that Autumn is my most productive time.
  4. It is cool enought to get back to the garden. I look forward to giving the garden a good clean out and mulch and thinking about fllling the gaps left by the huge surge after the summer growing season and it looks so lovely the greens are richer, and the filtered light in the afternoons through the palms is one of my favouite views.
  5. Not having to wear sandals. I am so over standing in puddles when you get out of the car, having to tip toe through the afternoon storms, and bring on the clogs and loafers and my favourite soft leather slip ons.
  6. Eating veg at dinner instead of salad all the time. It is just too hot to eat steamed veg and roasted veg in summer, it is all about the bbq and salad, and I can't wait to get back into the kitchen. I am sooo over salad and am tired of trying to come up with ways to make it interesting. Bring on the vegies, soups and bakes and all things heart warming and baking, baking, baking!!
  7. Did I mention no humidity??? No more sweating and being blanketed by it every time you step outside. No more foggy windows and glasses that fog up when you get out of the car.
  8. Mushu goes absolutely mad in the mornings, after being too hot to run around all summer he is back playing puppies again, bringing all his toys to your feet and wanting the play all day and chase lizards and being the gorgeous fun little dog that he is, and of course he looks beyond adorable in his hoodie!
  9. Easter is on its way and lets be honest about a holiday based around receiving chocolate has to be something to look forward to, not to mention how great it is when we head up the coast and stay at our favourite holiday house!! All my favourite celebrations are in Autumn, our anniversary, Mother's day and of course Miss Phoebe's birthday.
  10. Driving with the windows down in the car.. no air con, and this goes for in the house too. No more having the house closed up and blinds shut to create the coool cave we need to get through the summer. Throwing open windows and letting the breeze and light back through is fantastic.
And of course there is also crisp apples, and pears, and figs, and the murraya blooming, and snuggling on the lounge at night under blankets, and red wine and and and.....

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