Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Playing with the Larkspur

The weather is finally being kind... though after what it has put my poor city through in the last week I think it is the least it can do, and so as the house dries out and the garden can be wrangled back into some semblance of order, thoughts turn back to finding time to be creative. So many people have had a terrible time and for many it will continue for many months, and seeing the devastation that these floods have caused has a way of focusing your attention on what is important and on being thankful and grateful to even have the opportunity and luxury of sitting in my beautiful little room and having the time and space to pursue something I love so much.
I have spent some time over the last two days reorganising the studio and getting things set up so that I can revisit some collage and mixed media work. I miss it and think it will be a lovely way to offset the concentration and single mindedness that botanical art needs. I have recently come across Artist Trading Cards and love the idea of little collages to fill in gaps and make use of little spaces of time, and they seem a perfect way to use my botanical art and move it beyond the traditional. I spent some time yesterday playing with the larkspur drawing that I recently finished and have posted the two little collages that came out of that play.

The agapanthus are progressing and the watercolour layer is complete on the second, while I have started laying in quite a bit of pencil on the other. I am hoping to get to them for a few hours this afternoon and look forward to sharing their progress.

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beautiful Trace!