Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Leopard Loses Its Spots

Every year in spring our leopard tree loses its leaves, and quite frankly looks absolutely shocking, which is not a good thing as we built party of the house around this wretched tree which spends weeks looking pretty dead. It dumps five million leaves which blow through the house and get dragged in on shoes and in Mushu's fur and end up in every corner and crevice of our lives. For weeks we curse the leaves as the fight for control rages and we blow them, and sweep them and clean pool and clear the gutters and roof, all the time watching for when that last leaf finally drops, not because it means we have won the battle of the leaves, and not because we are dying hear yet another person ask if our tree has died, but because once that last leaf drops something miraculous happens.
As that last leaf finally succumbs to nature and gravity, the tree gathers itself and starts to burst forth with the most amazing display of unfurling energy. Every day it covers more and more until the canopy is the richest deepest green and the shade underneath is a cool welcome home as we step through the gate every day. So in an effort to not hate the tree this year I have decided I am going to photograph while it is losing its last few leaves, and then every day record and share its journey back to being our favourite tree in the garden.
In between the sweeping though I have been fitting in a little work and the photos below are of the latest work. It is of a delphinium, or larkspur and it is absolutely flying along. The sketches of the jacaranda have progressed well and have not been forgotten, nor have the fruit blooms which are also progressing, but I am so loving the blues and purples of the larkspur I thought it would be a good lead in to the jacaranda... of course it could be that I just got distracted by these incredible blooms, but if I want to be delusional about their contribution to future work I should be allowed to do so, after all I am knee deep in leaves here people.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments re leopard tree.Have saved ours from the axe!!!!