Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Final Countdown

There they are... the very last stubborn few leaves that have been hanging around for the last few days making me look bad. Seriously there is maybe 12 leaves left on a tree that when fully covered has five gazillion, but still it isn't starting to reshoot. This tree is the very definition of anal... you can just hear it... I said I wasn't getting new leaves until the other leaves had had their turn, and I mean every leaf, so still I wait, hoping that a huge random gust of wind will dislodge them so we can get on with it already. If I was all zen and spiritual I could probably say the tree is teaching me to wring every last moment out of something, or that it is teaching me to finish one thing before a new starts or some such nonsense, and while both of those may be relevant all I am hearing is... drop already... it's over... you've lost... let the green begin!

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