Friday, 8 October 2010

Ready For Brushstrokes From The Bush

Yesterday was a great day and I got all the blooms done, and the stems finished and I am pretty much finished with this piece. I have some highlights to add to the blooms, but as the day is wet and miserable that will ave to wait until tomorrow. I have it on the wall and will be able to see what shadows need deepening as well, so not only will it be finished before the deadline, by days no less, but will even have time to have it there and see what refinements can be made. Feeling rather smug, so maybe it is time to attack that hydrangea bloom and get it finished off, if anything will bring me back to earth it will be that one, also looking at the pic I have just posted maybe I need to work out how to adjust the colours on the scans images so they are a  little more accurate - seems to drop out the mid tones, and even the very deep tones as well. But you get the general idea!

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