Friday, 15 October 2010

Progress on the Hydrangea

There is some progress on the hydrangea, and while I thought I would have it complete yesterday I got distracted with all sorts of things, like changing the look of the blog and playing with publisher to explore the idea of calendars, so I will get stuck in and finish it off today. Working on the picture in a more overall fashion rather than concentrating on one leaf at a time is taking some getting used to and while I actually moved quite a way along yesterday, it feels as though I haven't completed that much. If this follows the same progression as the violets, then it will be a bit of a feeling of getting nowhere and then all of a sudden it will be finished. I hope that is how it works with this one because I am not sure I trust the process yet, and must admit I have finished off one side more than the other to have a bit of n idea of where it is heading, and looking at that I do see there will be a bit of work at the end bringing it all together and deepening those shadows. The frustrations and fun of trying new things!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the new look!

Tracey FK said...

Thanks Lis
Hoping to have the finished piece to post tomorrow, but it is a bit of slow going today!