Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Jasmine Bomb

The last few days have been very special, partly because I have a wonderful family and very special friends who made my birthday this incredible day, but also because I dropped my finished pieces to Redlands Gallery for Brushstrokes from the Bush which will open in December. Dropping work off is a great feeling and gives a sense of excitement and completion which makes it easy to get in and start fresh work.To top it all off the jasmine which covers a trellis just outside our front door has suddenly burst into flower and the scent is flooding throughout the whole house. It suddenly feels as though Spring is finally here and with it comes a renewed sense of well being and motivation.

Of course it is only likely to last a few days as we are expecting more of the torrential unseasonal rain which has been plaguing us here in Queensland, but all the windows and doors are open and for today at least the house is awash with Spring.

To celebrate I have cleaned off my walls, moved around some framed work and pieces that have caught my eye and cleaned out and reorganised the draws where I store my paper and artworks, so all is organised and ready to go. I also spent some time drawing the jasmine and getting some photographs in case the rain comes early because I have been visualising a piece where the jasmine trails down from the top of the page. Before I start that though I need to finish off this hydrangea bloom close up which I have been playing with for ages. It is actually progressing quite quickly and I am trying to apply some of the things I learned from doing the violets to get through it at a better pace. If all goes to plan I will be able to post the complete work on here before the week is out, and fingers crossed the sketches of the jasmine drawing may even make an appearance.

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Anonymous said...

My star jasmine is on the front fence & starting to bloom also. It will make an appearance in the Silver Lining album soon I predict!!