Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Welcome Spring!!!

You know it will be a good week when beautiful roses are to be found discounted at the grocery shop and cost less than the manky carnations and sad old tulips that you usually sell, and then as you head into the veg section there is a glorious overflowing box of artichokes just begging to be painted and drawn. So they all came home with me and are now happily sharing a vase in the studio being all fragrant and luscious at the same time.

It never fails to amaze me how textured the petals of roses are. I always think of them as smooth and glossy, but they really are quite matt and papery with a ridiculous number of gradations of colour on every petal. The artichokes on the other hand are so glossy and solid, almost plastic in texture and have such strong variation in colours, with their grey, purple and brown against the pale yellow and greens. Somehow these two opposites work together in the vase which is a bit of a revelation and makes me think I should be more adventurous in throwing things together in a vase, and I have had a great start to the day sketching and doing some colour studies this morning.

To top everything off it is the first day of spring and the world is looking great. I love being able to feel that first hint of warm breeze, the first sniff of jasmine and the heady scent of the murrayas in the afternoon. It just makes you want to be embrace it all throw off the jumpers and get drawing... so with that I am off to work on my hydrangea. Happy Spring everyone!!!

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Unknown said...

Happy Spring Tracey!

I hope you have a productive day! The roses look amazing btw! Can't wait to see what they inspired.