Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Too Many Possibilities

I return after a few weeks of very busy family time, and am ready to get back to it. Of course the weather is lousy and the paper is sodden from the unseasonal winter downpour, but the day won't be wasted, and I have plenty to sketch and explore and more than anything it will be great to just get back into some creative mind space.

The Florresense show for the BASQ was great fun, and it was such a great opportunity to meet and spend time with like minded people. Sadly I had no sales, but must say that it was very inspiring to see my work hanging there amongst the other work, and am happy to say it didn't look out of place at all! It is hard to describe the thrill of seeing your work hanging and seeing people stop and talk about it, and to get some encouraging feedback. The botanic art society is such a welcoming and encouraging group of people and they are generous with their time and willingness to share their experience with those of us who are much more recent converts. I was even lucky enough to meet another coloured pencil convert, Dale Farnell, and it was fantastic to get tips and ideas to experiment with.

So my thoughts are now turning to the end of the year and I am concentrating on getting some more pieces ready for the Brushstrokes From the Bush Show at Redlands Art Gallery. I have completed a piece of some burdekin plums, but would like to submit other pieces for consideration. I have taken some photos of some eucalyptus bark, which I think would make an interesting subject, not just for their beauty, but also because they offer some interesting compositional opportunities.

I have also collected some pictures of some native violets, which I absolutely love, and would look so lovely as a massed composition. I love these little blooms, and I love it when they make their appearance as a cool green carpet under our palms in our front garden.

Of course I have also found another native fruit to provide yet another subject, which is the beautiful little pink gems of the Syzygium Australe which can be made into jelly, and apparently jam also, so I think a day or two of drawing and playing with ideas is the order of the day so that I can have a clear idea of exactly what I want to do when the weather returns to normal and I can get started on them. It is lovely to be spoilt for choice and ideas, and one of the things I love about botanic art is there is never any excuse to not have subjects and ideas. A glance out the window, a walk around the block, a visit to the grocery shop, or a florist or garden centre and you come away with a million ideas and thoughts, and are reminded that you will never run out of subjects or possibilities!

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