Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Framing Makes All The Difference

A quick pic of some of the work that came back from the Framers. It is amazing the difference that framing makes. Suddenly your work  looks so much more polished and professional. One of the downsides of working on paper is that the works never quite look complete until they are framed. This is the first time I have had my botanical work framed professionally and it is stunning the difference it makes. This is very evident in this photo as you see the finished works still unframed grouped in with the framed work and it is obvious the difference framing makes and helps keep the momentum flowing to produce more work and to be better able to visualise the finished product.

When I saw work at Floressence 2009 I was blown away and motivated to explore botanical art more, and was so impressed by the level of professionalism of the work. Seeing my work framed has shown me the importance of good framing in the perception of work being polished and complete, even in your own mind.

Tomorrow I will be delivering three works, the magnolia, the Cyclamen and the squash, into the Botanic Gardens to the Floressence 2010 exhibition and I am quite excited to see how they look amongst the other work. So many of the artists have enormous experience and I am looking forward to see how my work fits in. I am also looking forward to Sunday when I am duty at the exhibition and I will have the chance to meet more members and hopefully will get a chance to get in and watch some of the demonstrations as well. It will be a big weekend but I am looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Home Again - Refreshed and Motivated

I am home from our break at Coolum where we stay in the most beautiful pole house, perched among the trees. I have posted a couple of photos to illustrate why we come back so refreshed and relaxed after a visit there. Some people find beaches and water relaxing, and while on occasion I do enjoy it, I find the green of the trees and the sound of the wind through the gardens much more invigorating. I spent time with family and reading and watching the light through the trees, all movement and dappled colour, which made it just about the perfect break and I came back refreshed and motivated.

I have sent of work to the framers, and have submitted my entry forms for Floressence, the mid year show for the Botanical Art Society of Queensland, so I am looking forward to getting them back from the framers to see how they look. I haven't framed any of my botanical work before so I am interested to see if it changes it. You look at the work day in and day out and after a while you start to focus on all of the problems and mistakes, and I am wondering if by framing them I will see them with fresh eyes.

In a fit of motivation I have also cleaned out my studio area and have done a lot of reorganising so that I can make the most of the time when school term starts again. I have been doing some drawing and sketching and want to spend the time trying to define my personal style and look. I feel a little as though I have been trying out lots of things and while I can see a bit of  a thread running through them, the time has come to make more mistakes and take some risks, and I am going to work smaller so I can work faster and experiment a lot more. It feels a bit extravagant when you try something and it doesn't work on a large sheet of paper, and you invest so much time and effort into a large image that you feel as though you need to play it safe. So no more safe line, I am going small and risky and see where it leads.