Thursday, 29 April 2010

A productive day

These are the beautiful Freesias sitting on my work desk making things smell and look lovely. I hate to think what they had to do to these poor flowers to get them to bloom in Autumn, but as long as they smell and look wonderful I will pretend not to think about it.

The cyclamen managed to commit suicide over the weekend which was inevitable given my history with cyclamen, but can't help feeling guilty about killing yet another perfectly healthy plant within two weeks of getting it. I may need to stick with cut flowers from now on. I had taken some photos of the blooms but I am a little worried about the colour matching without the plant in front of me. I have finished the graphite portions and yesterday managed to lay down the watercolour base, and so now have entered that slightly scary stage of adding the coloured pencils.

I always worry at this stage that I won't be able to get depth of colour or that the pencil strokes will show through, but fingers crossed it comes together. I am feeling a bit of extra pressure this time, because the graphite portion has come out really well, and so if I muck up the colour then the whole piece will be ruined. Fingers crossed today is another productive day and that I get plenty laid down so I can relax and enjoy the drawing again. Nothing to do but jump in and get it going!

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